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Weekend Boxoffice Chart...
Last post by Evil Avatar
Today 02:55 PM
21 Replies, 491 Views
The Man in the High...
Last post by BeardedSonOfNel
Today 02:33 PM
6 Replies, 304 Views
Quake Champions...
Last post by Evil Avatar
Today 02:24 PM
1 Replies, 62 Views
NX Might Be the Official...
Last post by BeardedSonOfNel
Today 02:23 PM
16 Replies, 299 Views
New Trainspotting 2...
Last post by Evil Avatar
Today 01:58 PM
4 Replies, 259 Views
Call of Duty: Infinite...
Last post by Emabulator
Today 01:26 PM
1 Replies, 288 Views
A Konami Employee Talks...
Last post by BeardedSonOfNel
Today 01:06 PM
0 Replies, 225 Views
Marvel's The Defenders -...
Last post by Viredae
Today 01:04 PM
10 Replies, 1,119 Views
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Quake Champions Developer Interview
Jul 25, 2016 - 2:24 PM - by Evil Avatar

After a rousing reveal at E3 2016, Quake Champions has ignited interest amongst Quake aficionados and newcomers alike. But what exactly is Quake Champions? We chat with id Software’s Studio Director Tim Willits to get the lowdown straight from the source. Willits tells us how Quake Champions not only captures the spirit of the original games but also brings the storied shooter into the modern era with the addition of Champions. Along with new insights into each of the four revealed Champions – Ranger, Visor, Nyx and Scalebearer – Willits also shares his personal favorite of the bunch.
1 Reply | 62 Views
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Comic Con Panel #CallOfDuty #SDCC2016
Jul 25, 2016 - 1:26 PM - by Emabulator

Call of Duty storms San Diego Comic Con 2016 with new intel! Greg Miller hosts a discussion on the immersive narrative of Infinite Warfare with developers from Infinity Ward and the talented cast, including never-before seen footage from the campaign, an interview with actor Kit Harington as he digs into his role as Admiral Salen Kotch, the first look at the Terminal Bonus Map, and much more.
Click on the headline for the video.
1 Reply | 288 Views
A Konami Employee Talks About the Future of Metal Gear
Jul 25, 2016 - 1:06 PM - by BeardedSonOfNel

“Metal Gear is important to a lot of people here and as has been stated publicly, will be supported in the future in a console market,” he said, admitting that Konami had lost the trust of its fans. “It can be hard as fans. One day I hope we may earn you back and surprise you. Hope that helps and does not sting,” he added, also teasing something for the upcoming 30th anniversary for Metal Gear next year.

But what about the existence of the pachinko? A lot of Metal Gear fans have been taking it hard, considering it to be an affront to the franchise, as well as conclusive proof that Metal Gear as a AAA gaming franchise may be at an end. However, Ben very candidly answered those questions too, noting that the pachinko is a local product for just the Japanese market that fans are reading too much into, and pointing out, yet again, that its existence does not and will not impact the development of any Metal Gear game Konami may be working on- in other words, it is not one or the other, and it can definitely be both.
Via Gaming Bolt
0 Replies | 225 Views
The Man in the High Castle Season 2 Trailer
Jul 25, 2016 - 12:45 PM - by Evil Avatar

Get a first look at the new season of the Emmy nominated Amazon Original Series The Man in the High Castle.
6 Replies | 304 Views
Rick and Morty Season 3 Storyboard Teaser
Jul 25, 2016 - 12:41 PM - by Evil Avatar

Click on the Headline for the Video.
2 Replies | 177 Views
Sherlock Season 4 trailer from SDCC
Jul 25, 2016 - 12:24 PM - by Evil Avatar

Something’s coming… Get your first look at Sherlock, Season 4, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, coming to MASTERPIECE on PBS in 2017. #SherlockPBS
2 Replies | 264 Views
New Trainspotting 2 Teaser: The Whole Gang is Back
Jul 25, 2016 - 12:19 PM - by Evil Avatar

Director Danny Boyle reunites the original cast: Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller and Robert Carlyle.
4 Replies | 259 Views
Game & Movie Releases for July 24th to July 30th, 2016
Jul 25, 2016 - 11:46 AM - by Evil Avatar

Releases for July 24th to July 30th, 2016

Retail Games
Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force (PS4)
Shiren The Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate (Vita)
N.E.R.O : Nothing Ever Remains Obscure (PS4)

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (August 23rd)
BioShock: The Collection (September 13th)
Mafia III (October 7th)
Gears of War 4 (October 7th)
Battlefield 1 (October 18th)
Titanfall 2 (October 28th)
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (November 4th)
Dishonored 2 (November 11th)

Movies & TV
The Boss
Hardcore Henry
Barbershop: The Next Cut
I Am Wrath
Death Wish II Special Edition
Sing Street
The New World Criterion Collection
Jack Irish: Season 1
The Invitation
Lupin the 3rd: Voyage to Danger
Deadly Trackers
The Boy Who Cried Werewolf
Five Miles to Midnight
Arpeggio Of Blue Steel TV Series
Log Horizon 2: Collection 2
Code: Breaker - The Complete Series - S.A.V.E.

Box Office
Jason Bourne
Bad Moms
2 Replies | 454 Views
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency SDCC Teaser
Jul 25, 2016 - 10:52 AM - by Evil Avatar

"The universe will make you a part of this whether you are complicit or not. You are now a vital part of the investigation."

#EVERYTHINGISCONNECTED. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency premieres October 22 on BBC America.
4 Replies | 303 Views
Weekend Boxoffice Chart #StarTrekBeyond
Jul 25, 2016 - 10:14 AM - by Evil Avatar

Star Trek Beyond has landed atop the weekend box office, Paramount's latest outing with the Starship Enterprise soared to $59.6 million in domestic ticket sales.

Here is the Weekend Boxoffice Chart for the weekend of July 22nd to July 24th, 2016.
  1. Star Trek Beyond $59.6/$59.6
  2. The Secret Life of Pets $29.3/$260.7
  3. Lights Out $21.6/$21.6
  4. Ghostbusters $21.6/$86.8
  5. Ice Age: Collision Course $21.0/$21.0
  6. Finding Dory $7.2/$460.1
  7. The Legend of Tarzan $6.4/$115.8
  8. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates $4.4/$40.3
  9. Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party $3.7/$3.7
  10. The Infiltrator $3.2/$12.2
  11. Central Intelligence $2.8/$123.1
  12. The Purge: Election Year $2.3/$76.5
21 Replies | 491 Views
NX Might Be the Official Name of Nintendo's Upcoming Console
Jul 25, 2016 - 6:39 AM - by BeardedSonOfNel

The official Nintendo NX logo might have been used in the recent Project Sonic announcement trailer. This would suggest that NX is the final name of Nintendo’s upcoming console.

As reported earlier, a new Sonic title, titled Project Sonic, was announced at this year’s Comic Con. Project Sonic will release in by the end of 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, PC , and the Nintendo NX.

While this isn’t the first time that the NX logo appears in a new announcement trailer, the logo that was used in the Project Sonic trailer, was different from the fan made NX logo that has been used since the console was announced last year.
Catch the rest of the rumor at WCCF Tech

I like the NX name, and hope they stay with it.
16 Replies | 299 Views
Suicide Squad Movie Clips #SuicideSquad #DCComics #SDCC2016
Jul 24, 2016 - 2:01 PM - by Emabulator

Click on the headline for the videos.
5 Replies | 910 Views
New Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Trailer Revealed #Kingsglaive #FFXV
Jul 23, 2016 - 10:02 PM - by Emabulator

We’ve finally launched the Global Trailer! Get a preview of the full story of Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV, complete with epic battle scenes! Final Fantasy fans, now’s the time to get excited for an entirely new cinematic adventure.

I’m very happy that Kingsglaive will be released theatrically in North America. With all the effort we put into the sound and music, we’re so happy that everyone can enjoy this in theaters starting on August 19.

Kingsglaive stands on its own and can be enjoyed without knowledge of the previous games. But if you play Final Fantasy XV there are many references in the game that you wouldn’t necessarily understand without watching the film. Kingsglaive depicts the events that lead into the game’s story, starting with the main character — Prince Noctis’ father, King Regis — fighting the enemy Empire.

Along with Final Fantasy XV, the main theme portrayed in Kingsglaive is the bond between father and son. While watching the film you’ll see the love they have for each other and understand the pressures of fulfilling the responsibility of being King.

It begins with society’s perception of the King and his responsibilities, and the many emotions involved. However, because Final Fantasy is a magical world, we’ve tried to make it understandable from an outsider’s point of view — someone who isn’t familiar with the Final Fantasy series.

We constantly challenge the Final Fantasy franchise — not just with this film, but also with the game itself. We faced the continuous challenge of expressing human emotion through computer graphics realistically. So we combined fantasy aspects with modern aspects to give Kingsglaive a realistic look. We hope you enjoy watching the film and experiencing a world never seen before, filled with action scenes only possible through advanced computer graphics.

The members of the production team are huge fans of Final Fantasy, which led us to the incorporation of nostalgic Final Fantasy elements throughout the film. If you’re a Final Fantasy fan, we challenge you to find them!

Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV is coming to PlayStation Video on August 30.
1 Reply | 844 Views
Doctor Strange Official Trailer 2 #DoctorStrange #SDCC
Jul 23, 2016 - 6:39 PM - by Evil Avatar

Click on the Headline for the Video.
9 Replies | 1,315 Views
Welcome to the World of Flashpoint in The Flash Season 3 Video
Jul 23, 2016 - 5:46 PM - by Evil Avatar

Everything in Barry’s world has changed to become…Flashpoint. The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 4 on The CW.
5 Replies | 743 Views
See No Batman in the First Look at Gotham Season 3 #Gotham
Jul 23, 2016 - 5:44 PM - by Evil Avatar

GOTHAM fans at the show’s Comic-Con 2016 panel on Saturday, July 23, were the first in the world to glimpse a sneak peek at new footage from the Season 3 premiere episode, which was included in the show’s SDCC highlight reel that also showcased the Rise of the Villains throughout Season 2. GOTHAM returns for its third season Monday, September 19, at 8/7c on FOX.
8 Replies | 622 Views
FX’s Legion Trailer Offers First Look at X-Men Spin-Off
Jul 23, 2016 - 5:40 PM - by Evil Avatar

Legion follows David Haller, a troubled young man who may be more than human. Diagnosed as schizophrenic, David has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for years. But after a strange encounter with a fellow patient, he’s confronted with the possibility that the voices he hears and visions might be real.
3 Replies | 581 Views
Darkness! No Parents! The LEGO Batman Movie Trailer Debuts
Jul 23, 2016 - 4:41 PM - by Evil Avatar

In the irreverent spirit of fun that made “The LEGO® Movie” a worldwide phenomenon, the self-described leading man of that ensemble – LEGO Batman – stars in his own big-screen adventure. But there are big changes brewing in Gotham, and if he wants to save the city from The Joker’s hostile takeover, Batman may have to drop the lone vigilante thing, try to work with others and maybe, just maybe, learn to lighten up.
6 Replies | 711 Views
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - Official Comic-Con Trailer
Jul 23, 2016 - 4:31 PM - by Evil Avatar

Acclaimed filmmaker Guy Ritchie brings his dynamic style to the epic fantasy action adventure “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.” Starring Charlie Hunnam in the title role, the film is an iconoclastic take on the classic Excalibur myth, tracing Arthur’s journey from the streets to the throne.

When the child Arthur’s father is murdered, Vortigern (Jude Law), Arthur’s uncle, seizes the crown. Robbed of his birthright and with no idea who he truly is, Arthur comes up the hard way in the back alleys of the city. But once he pulls the sword from the stone, his life is turned upside down and he is forced to acknowledge his true legacy…whether he likes it or not.
11 Replies | 917 Views
Fantastic Beasts Comic-Con Trailer Reveals Where to Find Them #FantasticBeasts
Jul 23, 2016 - 4:20 PM - by Evil Avatar

Click on the Headline for the Video.
2 Replies | 502 Views
First Look - Test Flight of Star Trek's U.S.S. Discovery #StarTrekDiscovery #StarTrek
Jul 23, 2016 - 4:11 PM - by Evil Avatar

Revealed at Comic-Con 2016 by Executive Producer Bryan Fuller. Get a sneak peek of the newest ship in the "Star Trek" universe. Star Trek: Discovery premieres January 2017 on the CBS Television Network with the premiere and all subsequent episodes available exclusively on CBS All Access.
8 Replies | 973 Views
Justice League Special Comic-Con Footage #JusticeLeague
Jul 23, 2016 - 4:01 PM - by Evil Avatar

Click on the Headline for the Video.
19 Replies | 1,377 Views
Wonder Woman - Comic-Con Trailer #WonderWoman #SDCC2016
Jul 23, 2016 - 3:50 PM - by Emabulator

Click on the headline for the trailer.
18 Replies | 1,376 Views
Kong: Skull Island - Comic-Con Trailer #KongSkullIsland #SDCC2016
Jul 23, 2016 - 2:38 PM - by Emabulator

Trailer for Kong: Skull Island – coming soon to cinemas - directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts and starring Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman and John C. Reilly.

Kong: Skull Island reimagines the origin of the mythic Kong in a compelling, original adventure from director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. In the film, a diverse team of explorers is brought together to venture deep into an uncharted island in the Pacific—as beautiful as it is treacherous—unaware that they’re crossing into the domain of the mythic Kong.
Click on the headline for the trailer.
15 Replies | 1,124 Views
SEGA Announces Two New Sonic Games #Sonic #SEGA #SDCC
Jul 23, 2016 - 2:26 PM - by Emabulator

GameSpot has word that Sega announced two new Sonic games at its San Diego Comic-Con party.

Sega announced two new Sonic games at its San Diego Comic-Con party to celebrate the blue hedgehog's 25th anniversary. The first game reimagines iconic levels from Sonic's past, while the second is an untitled game that stars classic and modern versions of Sonic in a new adventure against Eggman.

Sonic Mania is a 2D platformer that features visuals and gameplay reminiscent of the classic Genesis games. It revamps zones and acts from Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic CD, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and Sonic & Knuckles, in addition to introducing new ones into the fold. Players who attended the Sonic party had the opportunity to try it out for themselves.

The game is developed by Sega of America in collaboration with PagodaWest Games. Christian Whitehead and Simon Thomley, the people behind the remastered Sonic ports on mobile devices, are also helping with development. Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka says that we'll learn more about the game later this year.
Click on the headline for the Project Sonic 2017 trailer.
8 Replies | 612 Views
The Vikings Season Four Trailer #Vikings
Jul 22, 2016 - 9:38 PM - by Evil Avatar

Check out the full length trailer from this year's Sand Diego Comic-Con for the return of Season 4 of #Vikings

Click on the Headline for the Video.
1 Reply | 514 Views
American Gods Teaser Trailer
Jul 22, 2016 - 9:35 PM - by Evil Avatar

Click on the Headline for the Trailer.

Starz took the wraps off its new series American Gods today at Comic-Con, debuting the first trailer for the series based on the Neil Gaiman book that stars Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon and Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday. The video also offered a brief but heavily stylized look at Crispin Glover among others cast in the Starz show that is slated for a January 2017.
12 Replies | 868 Views
Creepy Horror Movie The Woods Becomes Blair Witch #BlairWitch
Jul 22, 2016 - 9:31 PM - by Evil Avatar

Lionsgate has revealed that their horror movie The Woods was secretly a sequel to The Blair Witch Project.

Click on the Headline for the Trailer.
11 Replies | 789 Views
South Park: The Fractured But Whole - Behind the Scenes with Trey and Matt
Jul 22, 2016 - 6:28 PM - by Emabulator

Matt Stone and Trey Parker discuss the inspiration behind South Park: The Fractured But Whole, along with some of the game’s new features.

"South Park: The Fractured But Whole" will be available on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC - December 6.
Click on the headline for the video.
7 Replies | 697 Views
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – UNSA Retribution Flight Deck Tour #CallOfDuty
Jul 22, 2016 - 3:23 PM - by Emabulator

"Tour the flight deck of the UNSA Retribution, your evolving home base throughout the Infinite Warfare campaign."

Click on the headline for the trailer.
10 Replies | 956 Views
The Walking Dead Season 7 Comic-Con Trailer #TheWalkingDead
Jul 22, 2016 - 2:18 PM - by Evil Avatar

Get an early look at Season 7 before it premieres in October.
11 Replies | 807 Views
Halo Wars 2 Story Vidoc
Jul 22, 2016 - 2:11 PM - by Evil Avatar

Know Your Enemy: The Story and Characters of Halo Wars 2.

Join 343 Industries for a glimpse into the task of bringing beloved heroes back into the fold after three decades adrift in space. What new adventures await them in this new galaxy? What new allies and adversaries will they meet? Find out how it’s all coming together in this behind-the-scenes featurette for Halo Wars 2.
1 Reply | 314 Views
Injustice 2 Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle Trailer
Jul 22, 2016 - 2:05 PM - by Evil Avatar

Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios revealed two new characters from the Injustice 2 roster in a brand-new gameplay clip showcasing the one and only Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle! The new characters and more were revealed during today’s star-studded panel at Comic-Con International: San Diego.

In development by the award-winning NetherRealm Studios, Injustice 2 features a massive roster of DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains and allows players to build and power up the ultimate version of their favorite DC characters. The game will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2017.
1 Reply | 466 Views
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 'Black Sky' Gameplay Walkthrough
Jul 22, 2016 - 1:04 PM - by Evil Avatar

When the Settlement Defense Front attacks UNSA forces in Geneva without warning during Fleet Week, Lt. Reyes and his squad have only one option: Fight back against the SetDef and give ‘em hell. Check out the Campaign gameplay from "Black Sky" in Infinite Warfare.
3 Replies | 629 Views
Fear the Walking Dead Comic-Con Trailer #FeartheWalkingDead
Jul 22, 2016 - 12:52 PM - by Evil Avatar

Get an early look at the second part of Season 2 before it premieres on Sunday, August 21 at 9/8c.
3 Replies | 390 Views
Marco Reus Revealed as Global Cover Athlete for FIFA 17 #FIFA #FIFA17
Jul 22, 2016 - 12:39 PM - by Emabulator

EA Sports has revealed that Borussia Dortmund's Marco Reus is the global cover athlete for FIFA 17.

Reus is a highly-decorated winger, and is widely regarded as one of the most dangerous attackers in Europe. Reus was named Footballer of the Year in Germany in 2012, and has 29 appearances with the German National Team. Reus was also recently named captain of Dortmund, and will be wearing the captain’s armband in the coming season.

“It is incredible to see how fans get behind their favorite player – Marco plays for a great club, is really fun to watch, and he is very popular in FIFA Ultimate Team, so it makes a lot of sense that the fans picked him,” said Nick Channon, Senior Producer for EA SPORTS FIFA. “Reus joins an elite group of international football superstars who have appeared on the cover of FIFA over the years.”
Click on the headline for the press release.
2 Replies | 597 Views
Reggie's Game Room & Crib Tour - 2,000 Games / 42 Systems
Jul 22, 2016 - 11:40 AM - by Metal Jesus

You've asked for it: Radical Reggie's epic GAME ROOM TOUR! Reggie walks Metal Jesus through his Crib showing his 42 systems and over 2,000 games...many of them imports, special editions, rare and expensive hard to find classics! Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Microsoft, SNK, and many more!

His car is the very definition of a broke-ass gamer / college student!
3 Replies | 399 Views
Go Ape with the Kong: Skull Island #SDCC Poster #KongSkullIsland
Jul 22, 2016 - 11:04 AM - by Evil Avatar

“From the size of the skull, you can tell that things on this island are much bigger than audiences are used to with traditional Kong lore,” director Jordan Vogt-Roberts previously told EW. “Our Kong is by far the biggest Kong that you’ve seen on screen, and that translates to a lot of different things on the island. Peter Jackson’s Kong was around 25 feet. The ‘33 Kong ranged between 25 feet and 50 feet, I want to say he was 50-plus feet when he was on the Empire State Building. He varied in size dramatically! The ’70s Kong was somewhere between them. The thing that most interested me was, how big do you need to make [Kong], so that when someone lands on this island and doesn’t believe in the idea of myth, the idea of wonder – when we live in a world of social and civil unrest, and everything is crumbling around us, and technology and facts are taking over – how big does this creature need to be, so that when you stand on the ground and you look up at it, the only thing that can go through your mind is: ‘That’s a god.’”
2 Replies | 378 Views
Godzilla Resurgence Coming to Theaters #Godzilla
Jul 22, 2016 - 10:57 AM - by Evil Avatar

SciFi Japan has the Press Release from Funimation Entertainment announcing that Godzilla Resurgence will be coming to US theaters.

Toho Co., Ltd. has revealed to SciFi Japan that they have licensed GODZILLA RESURGENCE (Shin Gojira) to Funimation Entertainment, with the American distributor gaining the theatrical, home entertainment, video on demand and broadcast rights for North America, Central America and South America. Funimation has confirmed, and added that they are making a public announcement about the acquisition this evening during their Industry Panel at San Diego Comic-Con International. An official press release with additional details will go out to media outlets tomorrow.

Co-directed by Hideaki Anno (EVANGELION) and Shinji Higuchi (Gamera Trilogy, ATTACK ON TITAN), GODZILLA RESURGENCE is the twenty-ninth Japanese Godzilla produced by Toho, and the first since the 50th anniversary production GODZILLA: FINAL WARS (Gojira Fainaru Uoozu, 2004). Toho will release the movie in Japan on July 29, 2016.

Fan speculation — and confusion — regarding a possible US release for GODZILLA RESURGENCE surged earlier this year following an announcement from New York film broker New World Cinemas claiming they had acquired the movie for North America. After promoting RESURGENCE on their website and social media New World suddenly backpedaled, stating that they never had the film rights and were simply “big fans” of Godzilla.

GODZILLA RESURGENCE is in much better hands with Funimation, a company with a proven track record of quality releases. While primarily known for anime, the Texas-based distributor has also handled live-action Japanese titles including Higuchi’s ATTACK ON TITAN films and the RUROUNI KENSHIN trilogy.

Plans call for GODZILLA RESURGENCE to be released in late 2016, exact dates TBA.
Thanks Chimpbot!
2 Replies | 289 Views
Wonder Woman Poster Revealed #WonderWoman
Jul 22, 2016 - 10:42 AM - by Evil Avatar

Actress Gal Gadot has posted the Wonder Woman movie poster to twitter.
15 Replies | 827 Views
NES Classic Edition Introduction Trailer #Nintendo #NES
Jul 22, 2016 - 10:39 AM - by Evil Avatar

Click on the Headline for the Trailer.

From your first Goomba stomp to your thousandth victory in FINAL FANTASY, the Nintendo Entertainment System may just be the most nostalgic gaming console ever. And now, a new, miniaturized version is here, pre-loaded with 30 of the all-time greatest games, including The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros. 3, and MEGA MAN 2. Just plug it in…and play.
39 Replies | 1,108 Views
Weekend Gamer: What are you playing?
Jul 22, 2016 - 9:01 AM - by Jetherik

With work hanging over me this weekend, I will have to find creative ways to play. What are you playing this weekend?
11 Replies | 405 Views
Weekend Headbanger - What are you listening to? #Periphery
Jul 21, 2016 - 10:19 PM - by Emabulator

I plan on checking out Periphery III: Select Difficulty, which was released an hour ago. Amazon Prime members can check it out for free.

What have you been listening to?
36 Replies | 925 Views
$1200 nVidia Titan X - The Ultimate Video Card #Nvidia
Jul 21, 2016 - 10:07 PM - by brandonjclark

Brian Kelleher, our top hardware engineer, bet our CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, we could get more than 10 teraflops of computing performance from a single chip. Jen-Hsun thought that was crazy.

Well, we did it. The result is crazy. And, as of today, Jen-Hsun now owes Brian a dollar.

The new NVIDIA TITAN X, introduced today, based on our new Pascal GPU architecture, is the biggest GPU ever built. It has a record-breaking 3,584 CUDA cores.

We said our GTX 1080 delivers an “irresponsible amount of performance.” It was a bit reckless. But this is even more reckless.

So forget words. Here are its numbers:

44 TOPS INT8 (new deep learning inferencing instruction)
12B transistors
3,584 CUDA cores at 1.53GHz (versus 3,072 cores at 1.08GHz in previous TITAN X)
Up to 60% faster performance than previous TITAN X
High performance engineering for maximum overclocking
12 GB of GDDR5X memory (480 GB/s)
This. This is..... amazing.
36 Replies | 1,665 Views
Gaming, Movie and Comics Deals - #NoMansSky #PS4 #XboxOne #Nvidia #Batman #Deadpool
Jul 21, 2016 - 9:38 PM - by Emabulator

PC GamesPC Gaming HardwarePlayStation 4Xbox OneNintendoBlu-ray and DVDGraphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks
15 Replies | 1,950 Views
Marvel's The Defenders - #SDCC Teaser
Jul 21, 2016 - 8:37 PM - by Evil Avatar

Click on the Headline for the Video.
10 Replies | 1,119 Views
Marvel's Luke Cage - #SDCC Teaser
Jul 21, 2016 - 8:35 PM - by Evil Avatar

Click on the Headline for the Video.
6 Replies | 1,020 Views
Marvel's Iron Fist - #SDCC First Look
Jul 21, 2016 - 8:33 PM - by Evil Avatar

Click on the Headline for the Video.
7 Replies | 977 Views
Mafia 3 Live Action Trailer #Mafia3
Jul 21, 2016 - 1:22 PM - by Evil Avatar

Click on the Headline for the Video.
2 Replies | 399 Views
System Shock Remake also coming to PS4
Jul 21, 2016 - 10:52 AM - by Evil Avatar

Click on the Headline for the Trailer.

System Shock by Nightdive Studios is Coming to PS4

Some of you might have heard about our Kickstarter that we started a few weeks ago. It’s still early in the project, but there was such a huge demand for a PS4 version that we immediately did what we could to make that happen. Today, I am incredibly proud to announce that System Shock will be coming to PS4 around Q1 2018. We’re excited to be working with Sony on this and can’t wait to see what all of you think of the game!

Rebooting a game series that so many hold near and dear is a daunting task. Luckily, we have some amazing folks on the team to help us out. Stephen Kick, our CEO, has been an inspirational visionary for Nightdive Studios and is responsible for making all of this happen. I often call him the Captain Picard to my Riker ;-)

Revisiting a game that has inspired other awesome games (such as Dead Space and BioShock) requires the right team for the job, so we’ve been ramping up our team with AAA talent from projects like Planetside, Fallout, and even the original System Shock. To help produce the best content possible, we’ve brought on several members of the Fallout: New Vegas team including myself, Chris Avellone, Jessica Johnson, Kevin Manning, and Dan Rubalcaba. Chris Avellone and I worked very closely on the New Vegas DLCs, especially the award-winning Old World Blues, where we explored a variety of scifi themes in the world of Fallout. We’re bringing a lot of experience to the table and will make a System Shock game fans old and new will be sure to love.

If you’re not familiar with System Shock, here’s my take on it: Imagine you’re a hacker in the future. You’re trapped on a space station with a megalomaniacal AI bent on mankind’s destruction named SHODAN. You need to survive and defeat her, or mankind will be lost. No pressure, right? Oh, and you’ll be facing her monstrous constructs and warped mutations of humans along the way. Your tools are your wits, weapons you find, computer systems to hack, and corners you can hide in. Good luck!

SHODAN is one of my favorite AIs in fiction, and probably inspired a lot of the twisted AIs you see in games today. I love scifi and can’t get enough of it, so this project and story are right up my alley. Being able to play a hand in SHODAN’s recreation is an honor and a dream come true for me. We’re also working with the original voice actress that played SHODAN in the first two games, Terri Brosius. She’s incredibly talented and I eagerly await her calling me an “insect”!

The Kickstarter ends next week and we have more stretch goals to hit. Please help support us so we can make this game as amazing as we’re envisioning for PS4!
7 Replies | 562 Views
We don't go to the Moon in the Operation Avalanche Trailer
Jul 21, 2016 - 10:10 AM - by Evil Avatar

Click on the Headline for the Video.

In 1967, four undercover CIA agents were sent to NASA posing as a documentary film crew. What they discovered led to one of the biggest conspiracies in American history.
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New Suicide Squad Teaser features The Joker #SuicideSquad
Jul 21, 2016 - 10:02 AM - by Evil Avatar

Click on the Headline for the Video.
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F1 2016 Attract Trailer Showcases New Features #F1 #F12016
Jul 21, 2016 - 9:41 AM - by Emabulator

Click on the headline for the press release and trailer.
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MFPallytime: Heroes of the Storm - Kerrigan, "All In Build" #HOTS #pcgaming
Jul 20, 2016 - 6:57 PM - by sai tyrus

Video after the break!
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Dead Rising gets a PC port a decade after its release #DeadRising #EpicFail
Jul 20, 2016 - 6:52 PM - by sai tyrus

PC Gamer has the story:

After a pre-E3 leak, and an unseasonably festive trailer, Dead Rising 4’s release date was confirmed last month. On the off chance that wasn’t enough Frank West-flavoured zombie slaughter for you, though, Capcom has now revealed the original Dead Rising—now ten years old—is finally heading to PC for the first time. Better late than never.

As reported by Eurogamer, a trophy list for the first game appeared on achievements tracking site Exophase recently, which pointed towards an imminent PS4 release. Beyond that, there wasn’t much else mentioned—like whether or not it’ll be an HD remake or will introduce new features, for example—however Capcom has since confirmed a PC iteration is headed our way this side of the year too.

"Capcom will be bringing Dead Rising to Xbox One, PS4 and PC,” the publisher told Eurogamer. “In addition, Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record will make their way onto Xbox One and PS4. We will have more news to share soon."
8 Replies | 524 Views
Valve Sends Cease And Desist Notice To CS:GO Gambling Sites #CSGO
Jul 20, 2016 - 6:36 PM - by Emabulator

Game Informer has the story.

Last week, shortly after YouTubers Tom Cassell and Trevor Martin were outed as owners of CS:GO Lotto, a site both of them promoted in their content without disclosing ownership, Valve issued a statement that the company would go after gambling companies centered around tradeable Steam items. Turns out Valve is living up to its promise, having sent out a cease and desist letter to 23 gambling sites centered around Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Here's the statement from Valve:

We are aware that you are operating one of the gambling sites listed below. You are using Steam accounts to conduct this business. Your use of Steam is subject to the terms of the Steam Subscriber Agreement (“SSA”). Under the SSA Steam and Steam services are licensed for persona, non-commercial use only. Your commercial use of Steam accounts is unlicensed and in violation of the SSA. You should immediately cease and desist further use of your Steam accounts for any commercial purposes. If you fail to do this within ten (10) days Valve will pursue all available remedies including without limitation terminating your accounts.

A full copy of the letter is included right here.
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