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  1. Video: Watch an archivist poke and prod a Steam Controller prototype
  2. Postmortem: Muse Games' Guns of Icarus Alliance
  3. Game engine maker Unity receives $400 million investment
  4. Blog: A writer inside
  5. Unreal Engine 4.16 includes fully-featured Switch support
  6. New 'creators' section lets game devs curate the PlayStation Store
  7. Blog: What I learned taking four games through Steam Greenlight
  8. Learn about the design challenges of developing VR experiences at VRDC Fall 2017
  9. The UK's biggest pro game jam is heading back to Manchester
  10. We're hosting a panel on accessibility in progression-driven games at 6PM EDT
  11. Blog: The design challenges of creating new weapons
  12. Don't Miss: What Ubisoft learned from making Far Cry 2
  13. Mobile dev Motorious Entertainment secures $900k investment
  14. Balancing unpredictability and order is key for dynamic AI, says The Occupation dev
  15. Video: Designing Chair Entertainment's Shadow Complex
  16. Get a job: Wargaming is looking for a Sr. Software Engineer
  17. What one indie dev learned from a summer project that took 8 years to finish
  18. Why Texas may have lost its status as a hotbed of game patent lawsuits
  19. How to approach accessibility in progression-driven games
  20. Game Design Deep Dive: Creating tension in Card Thief
  21. Blog: The mobile AR platform war
  22. Cabin in the woods: Who's heading to this year's Stugan games accelerator?
  23. Blog: 5 trailer takeaways from Flinthook
  24. Microsoft's Twitch competitor rebrands as Mixer, makes moves for mobile
  25. Report: Japanese internet giant Softbank picks up $4B stake in Nvidia
  26. Blog: Let's take a look at how Horizon Zero Dawn handles the apocalypse
  27. Creativity vs. control: How Cuba's indie devs are finding their voice
  28. Blog: The SSM framework of game design
  29. Don't Miss: Dissecting the core mechanics of Vanquish
  30. Twitch and Bandai Namco partner up to create Tekken 7 eSports league
  31. Join us on Twitch as we return to Oblivion today at 12 PM PT
  32. Game developers recount their long loading screen struggles and solutions
  33. GameStop's sales rise on the back of Nintendo's Switch, even as profits slip
  34. Penny Arcade aims to up its global presence with 'Powered by PAX' events
  35. Watch Gamasutra take a stroll through Oblivion (and learn to fear cheese)
  36. Video: A postmortem of Ska Studios' Salt & Sanctuary
  37. GameStop is very excited about Switch outselling Wii in its first 60 days
  38. Bandai Namco helps form new HTML5 game company: BXD
  39. Why do devs love Slack, and how do they get the most out of it?
  40. Bog: How I sell sky photos to make video games
  41. Why you don't need to tear up your game to make it accessible
  42. Virtuos Games spinoff Lusionsoft nets $12M to delve into VR
  43. Chat about rhythm violence with Thumper developer Marc Flury at 6:30 PM EDT
  44. Earnings report roundup: Game industry winners and losers in Q1 2017
  45. Don't Miss: Understanding the AI design behind some of Ubisoft's biggest games
  46. Epic's Unreal Dev Grants program hands out $275k
  47. Get a job: Sanzaru Games is hiring an Environment Artist
  48. Nintendo stocks jump to eight-year high following Monster Hunter XX Switch reveal
  49. Video: Owlboy dev shares advice on staying motivated -- and inspired
  50. How Thumper made the jump from VR to the Nintendo Switch
  51. Video Game Deep Cuts: That Slime Prey's Card Thief
  52. Q& A: Creating Horizon: Zero Dawn's neo-prehistoric soundtrack
  53. Blog: Implementing a build system in Band of Defenders
  54. Groundhog Day meets Shakespeare in Elsinore
  55. Blog: Livestreaming your way to a better game
  56. Blog: The divide between consumers and game designers
  57. Blog: What we learned from launching our game on mobile
  58. No industry for old men (or women)
  59. Sony winds down PlayStation 3 production in Japan
  60. HTC Vive and Intel bringing WiGig wireless tech to the Vive
  61. Uzbekistan bans games that 'threaten social and political stability'
  62. Does Mass Effect: Andromeda get past old colonial ideas? Not quite
  63. Virtual reality startup Playsnak nets $2.5M
  64. Why devs shouldn't shy away from working with online communities to aid accessibility
  65. Bosslady Blog: Be Seeing You
  66. Don't Miss: How Supergiant Games aggressively prototyped its way into Pyre
  67. Halo devs share the decades-long story of the series' creation and legacy
  68. Video: Forging the creative vision behind For Honor
  69. Stillfront acquires Age of Lords dev eRepublik Labs
  70. Staffordshire University to offer UK's first eSports degree
  71. Chappie director considers selling experimental film assets on Steam
  72. Speedrunner breaks down the walls, floors and ceilings of Super Mario 64
  73. Red Storm's new Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR game promoted to Vive pack-in
  74. Blog: How indie studio Finji approaches collaborative planning
  75. Blog: The making of Streams of Nurture - Part V
  76. GTA publisher Take-Two has bought Kerbal Space Program
  77. Blog: An introduction to Unity Editor scripting - Part 3
  78. Sega Europe strikes up publishing deal with Lionhead veterans
  79. Come to VRDC Fall 2017 for expert tips on designing and demoing VR experiences
  80. Take-Two appoints David Ismailer as president of 2K Games
  81. Blog: Writing tools and design ideas for creating great dialogue
  82. Don't Miss: 7 games with great learning curves that all developers should study
  83. Klang Games nets additional funding for its SpatialOS-powered MMO, Seed
  84. Blog: Analyzing the RTS design choices of Company of Heroes
  85. Get a job: Disruptor Beam is hiring an Associate Product Manager
  86. The Pokemon Company massively increased its net profit last year
  87. Video: Practical procedural generation for everyone
  88. How devs can approach a 'skip combat button' without compromising player experience
  89. Pokemon Go dev says sponsored locations can earn it nearly $0.50 per visitor
  90. Survey: Americans under 35 like eSports as much as actual sports
  91. Pain dev Idol Minds rebrands and shifts focus to 'narrative-driven' games
  92. Fostering VR teamwork in 4-player Star Trek Bridge Crew
  93. Blog: Five lessons we learned after launching our indie horror hit, Home
  94. Broadcasting giant BT wants more TV shows focused on games and eSports
  95. Square Enix working with Bulletstorm dev on new triple-A project
  96. Blog: Highlights from Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2017
  97. App Store developer earnings have surpassed $70 billion
  98. Google is teaching girls how to code with help from Wonder Woman
  99. Microsoft's Netflix-like subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, is now live
  100. Join us as we play Oblivion with lead designer Ken Rolston today at 3 PM ET!
  101. Blog: Starting a game studio with no money
  102. Don't Miss: Cheating Death - Accommodating player failure and recovery
  103. Monetization shouldn't be prioritized above player experience, says Take-Two CEO
  104. Video: Swipe Rite - Crafting Reigns' elegant game mechanics
  105. Get a job: Intrepid Studios is hiring an Associate Programmer
  106. Making your own engine shouldn't be seen as scary or crazy, says Thumper dev
  107. Riot Games cofounders will be honored with a BAFTA Special Award
  108. 31 years later, groundbreaking MMORPG Habitat is coming back online
  109. Oblivion's lead designer shares the secret sauce behind its success
  110. Devs can now access an SDK for ManoMotion's hand-tracking tech
  111. Design Q& A: Crafting the heroes of Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm
  112. Blog: Polishing your game's visuals without an artist
  113. Nintendo Switch online service delayed until 2018
  114. Blog: Five trailer takeaways from Into the Breach
  115. Oblivion lead designer: Break out of your game dev bubble
  116. Valve will charge devs $100 to publish games through Steam Direct
  117. Chat with the ex-Thief & Half-Life devs making Rokh at 3PM EDT
  118. Why Game Freak encourages dev-pitched, non-Pokemon projects
  119. Don't Miss: Tekken's Harada reveals the roots of this seminal series' systems
  120. Blog: A brief primer on video game accessibility
  121. Get a job: Sucker Punch Productions is hiring an Animator
  122. EA set to donate $1M to anti-bullying efforts via Play to Give
  123. Video: Doing 2D game animation the Klei way
  124. How do game devs feel about Steam Direct's $100 fee?
  125. Sony's new mobile division is putting out its first game: F2P Hot Shots Golf
  126. What happened when these ex-Thief & Half-Life devs jumped to Early Access
  127. Having spent over $18M, Shroud of the Avatar dev seeks more investment
  128. Mad Catz died because it 'bit off more than it could chew' says former exec
  129. Video Game Deep Cuts: Chuck E Cheese's Fallen London
  130. A hypothesis on what makes 'gameplay' feel good
  131. Blog: Characterization through controls
  132. PlayStation VR has sold over 1M units worldwide
  133. Blog: Getting started with MonoGame using XML
  134. Breaking down the shifting design philosophies of The Elder Scrolls
  135. Sony: One in every five PS4s sold is a Pro
  136. Don't Miss: Crafting the striking art style of Monument Valley
  137. How Halo: Combat Evolved encourages learning and exploration through design
  138. Blog: Adding depth to cookie cutter enemies
  139. Get a job: Be an AI Engineer at Tangentlemen
  140. Apple ups VR developer support with Metal 2, Steam VR SDK, and more
  141. Video: A game dev guide to managing conflict on small teams
  142. ESA launches lawsuit against Chicago for its tax on online games
  143. Apple inches closer to making 32-bit apps disappear from iOS
  144. Dev explains the origins of Arms' eponymous extendable appendages
  145. Violent video game montages are grounds for demonetization on YouTube
  146. Building replayability into the intricate architecture of Tokyo42
  147. Blog: Understanding the pros and cons of voxels
  148. Borderlands scribe Mikey Neumann has left Gearbox
  149. Blog: Building a bow and arrow grappling hook in VR
  150. Blizzard, Disney vet Bill Roper joins Improbable to help devs build virtual worlds
  151. Blog: Tips for creating quality games
  152. New deep-dive study analyses the playing habits of Xbox Live users
  153. FoxNext acquires Kabam spin-off Aftershock
  154. Blizzard to sell Overwatch credits instead of loot boxes to Chinese players
  155. Blog: How musical variation can aid player understanding
  156. Don't Miss: The understated genius of the Spelunky Daily Challenge
  157. Get a job: Vicarious Visions is hiring a Level Designer
  158. Valve shuts down Greenlight submissions, dates Steam Direct launch
  159. Video: The value of taking a narrative approach to level design
  160. Ken Rolston speaks to the strengths of Bethesda's game dev culture
  161. SteamVR Tracking upgrade to include support for more than two base stations
  162. How Platinum Games is changing up its approach to game dev
  163. Over 25% of Horizon: Zero Dawn sales were digital, and Sony is paying attention
  164. Layering challenges in Klei's survival sim Oxygen Not Included
  165. Blog: Understanding the 'illusion of ease' in puzzlers
  166. Angry Birds 2 lead programmer opens VR studio to fuel 'social action'
  167. Portal 2 writer Jay Pinkerton has left Valve
  168. Blog: Building a plugin system using an API registry
  169. Blog: How far will Apple and Facebook have pushed mobile AR by 2021?
  170. Attend VRDC Fall 2017 to learn about VR trends and bringing the NBA experience to VR
  171. Blog: Using 'engines of play' to understand player motivation
  172. 'Top grossing' category noticeably absent from Apple's App Store redesign
  173. How Prey succeeds in giving players space to tell their own stories
  174. Chat with one of the designers behind Oxygen Not Included at 3PM EDT
  175. The Indie Megabooth has spun off into its own traveling series of events
  176. Twitch Affiliates will now get a cut of game and IAP sales
  177. Severed and Old Man's Journey among 2017 Apple Design Award recipients
  178. Don't Miss: The unlikely creative relationship behind Minecraft: Story Mode
  179. Get a job: Naughty Dog is hiring a Gameplay Programmer
  180. Video: Sid Meier and Bruce Shelley's postmortem of Civilization
  181. Behind the design of hit sim game Oxygen Not Included
  182. Everything's game trailer officially qualifies for an Oscar
  183. Mass Effect: Andromeda devs tell tales of what went wrong during development
  184. StarCraft Remastered dev analyzes the enduring appeal of StarCraft
  185. Blog: Five Kickstarter trailer takeaways from Blasphemous
  186. What makes a great sim game? Oxygen Not Included designer weighs in
  187. Bandai Namco targets emerging mobile markets with Docomo partnership
  188. Discord appoints former Twitch exec as head of publisher relations
  189. Heads up, mobile devs: Apple has changed its App Store Review Guidelines
  190. CD Projekt Red rejects ransom request from Cyberpunk 2077 thieves
  191. Don't Miss: Creating AI that thrives in procedurally-generated worlds
  192. Get a job: Heart Machine is hiring a Graphics Engineer
  193. Study shows virtual reality has appeal among U.S. game enthusiasts
  194. Video: Building game mechanics to elevate narrative in Oxenfree
  195. Xbox exec promises devs a bit more RAM to work with on Project Scorpio
  196. Report: Game chat app Discord quietly raised ~$50M earlier this year
  197. Accolade is apparently back from the dead and making a Bubsy game
  198. Q& A: Ken Rolston's development secrets of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
  199. Blog: Designing the art and visual language of Ikenfell
  200. Blog: A beginner's guide to crafting video game cities
  201. GameStop notifies online customers of possible credit card theft
  202. Chat with Elder Scrolls Online game director Matt Firor at 3PM EDT
  203. Don't Miss: 17 mold-breaking fighting games that all developers should study
  204. One year later, Pokemon Go has surpassed 750 million downloads
  205. Video: Street Fighter V and the impact of art design in fighting games
  206. Sonic designer Hirokazu Yasuhara zeroes in on how to design with fun in mind
  207. Dropzone dev Sparkypants lays off staff
  208. Go behind the development process of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind
  209. Survey: What happens to games after they're shown at Sony or Microsoft's E3 event?
  210. 'Tutorials are not fun', so a Klei dev offers tips on avoiding them
  211. Video Game Deep Cuts: Oxygen Arms Not Included
  212. Watch Microsoft's E3 press conference stream right here!
  213. Project Scorpio is now officially 'Xbox One X'
  214. Microsoft boosts Xbox One backwards compatibility with original Xbox games
  215. Watch Bethesda's E3 press conference right here!
  216. Bethesda announces new mods network, Creation Club
  217. 7 roguelikes that every developer should study
  218. Minecraft gets cross-platform boost with 'Better Together' update
  219. EA opens 'SEED' game tech research division
  220. EA wants to use machine learning to create real-time game narratives
  221. Sponsored: Push notification strategies of the top 100 mobile games
  222. Gamasutra's at E3 2017! Stay up to speed right here
  223. Starbreeze acquires location-based VR company Enterspace
  224. Don't Miss: 10 seminal game postmortems every developer should read
  225. Get a job: Bluehole is hiring a Sr. Character Animator
  226. Video: How designers and programmers can work better, together
  227. Class action lawsuit over Xbox 360 defect shut down by court (again)
  228. Tune in here to watch Ubisoft's E3 2017 press conference!
  229. Ubisoft is getting into the toys-to-life game with Starlink
  230. Ubisoft VP: 'We're trying to figure out what is fun' about VR
  231. The VR Challenger League is a new eSports venture from Oculus, Intel and the ESL
  232. Elder Scrolls Online dev speaks to the power of megaservers in MMO game design
  233. Watch Sony's E3 2017 press event right here!
  234. Sony takes a page from Jackbox with PlayLink mobile input tech
  235. Developer Q& A: Balancing storytelling and player choice in Prey
  236. Blog: The pros and cons of Bethesda's Creation Club
  237. The PS4 has now sold through over 60.4M units
  238. Blog: Improving inventory-aware pathfinding with map preprocessing
  239. Life is Strange prequel hit by SAG-AFTRA voice actor strike
  240. Level-5 acquires Mighty No. 9 and ReCore developer Comcept
  241. Blog: Implementing unit testing in mobile games
  242. Watch Nintendo's E3 2017 press event right here!
  243. Final Fantasy XIV ending PS3 support this week
  244. Blog: How to design an annuity for your game
  245. Valve's Greenlight replacement, Steam Direct, launches today
  246. Don't Miss: Metroid and beyond - Decision modeling for complex game maps
  247. Get a job: Chimera Entertainment is hiring a Backend Developer
  248. Rocket League to offer cross-platform multiplayer between Xbox One, PC, and Switch
  249. Sony exec offers an answer for PS4's absence from Minecraft cross-platform play
  250. Video: Fostering camaraderie in game communities from the ground up