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Starting Over

Posted 11-12-2009 at 11:20 AM by modeps

Yesterday in the midst of work, I did something strange that I don't think I would ever do... I grabbed my USB to IDE connector, plugged in an old hard drive, and copied over every single MP3 on my desktop and deleted them from my local machine. Over the years, I had accumulated a plethora of absolute garbage ripped in a variety of different ways and at a million different qualities. Why? Because I was lazy... I never took the time to deal with it properly and now I had an unorganized mess of files.

Now, I need to re-rip everything... all my CDs will need some awesome digital versions on my hard drive and I'll need to organize them in a proper directory structure. No, iTunes, your structure is terrible. I'm not letting you organize my stuff anymore. Instead, I'll be managing my own folders, but probably letting some external service auto-tag them.

I just don't know where to start... what applications are the best... ugh. I feel so cold.
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    corwiniii's Avatar
    Before I offer advice, I'd want to know what you're looking to accomplish with this new music library. I wanted a perfect, lossless copy of all my CDs on my PC, so I used dbpoweramp, ripped to FLAC using their Secure Ripping (AccurateRip) feature which basically checks the rip against a DB of other users rips of the same content and either deems it error free or not. I used their PerfectMeta system for meta tags and album art. Although you can change the file system, mine is setup in folders Artist->Album->Songs. So it's simple to navigate via the file system - but who really does that any more? Meta data is where it's at. I stream that to a media extender or use a Windows FLAC player to hear the music. I then batch converted everything I wanted on my MP3 player to, well, MP3.

    Pros - exact copy of music on HDD; ability to convert to any other format at any bitrate; perfect tagging and file system structure; never have to rip again.

    Cons - take up more room on the HDD; have to convert to another format (probably) based on your components; dbpoweramp costs $$$, but not much - and the free trial is long enough to take care of your entire collection probably.
    Posted 11-12-2009 at 04:13 PM by corwiniii corwiniii is offline
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    Kragg's Avatar
    I keep hearing about this Media Monkey software. Haven't tried it yet.

    I just manually organize my collection and use WinAmp, but Windows 7 makes keeping things organized fairly easy.
    Posted 11-17-2009 at 09:54 AM by Kragg Kragg is offline
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    Yeah, I'll just be streaming it to my 360 or PS3, or playing them on my iPod in my car stereo... I'd like it to be great quality, but nothing completely special. I don't need perfect copies. What's the deal with VBR? Wasn't that the hotness for a while?
    Posted 12-01-2009 at 06:19 PM by modeps modeps is offline

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