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Loadout: Deathmatch done correcty

Posted 02-07-2014 at 08:59 AM by lockwoodx
Updated 06-21-2014 at 12:58 PM by lockwoodx

Alright I've had my hands on it over 24 hours now and I've gone back to it 2 times after playing sessions. It's a competent poor man's quake3/UT4 without the vehicles. You can grind out some interesting and USEFUL skills along with an attractive easy to use interface. The gameplay is buttery smooth along with a wicked power jump. (think half-life one style ctrl-jumping around Crossfire map with the jump pack and character physics that handle like Unreal Tournament style models) The artist for the game is an old favorite for his previous work such as...

I'm not sure how it handles on a controller but it's a solid 3rd person shooter that gives you the options through creative weapon optics to have crisp aim. The weapons themselves are fairly basic with rocks being fairly overpowered but overall things feel balanced which is a good thing. Matches really aren't a blowout unless you can tell the other team is a 4 man. The 3 modes of play (capture the "hammer" which is just CTF where the flag is a big weapon you can use, Base capturing where the "base" to cap is random among several that "activate and deactivate" as they are taken. Last but not least team DM.

The store revolved around costumes/outfits for characters and other fluff. Nothing real crucial to gameplay nor excepting enough to want to spend real money on. The grind feels just right speed and I'm pleasantly surprised with the "daily prize" offered as a mini-game. The "taunts"/ humor is non existent because the game is so fun people stay on the move and focus on playing and both the respawn system and game lobbies seem to have been built with the player in mind first. It scratches an itch for oldschool Deathmatch players and for the price of "free" I can't see why anyone would not want to check it out.

The Loadout Steam starter pack is 50% off during the summer sale. I thought it was worth it.
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