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Skill-Trees if I Made an RPG

Posted 02-21-2011 at 04:32 PM by Anenome

It would have a hidden-from-user advancement system.

It wouldn't be exactly like the Elder Scrolls's version though, because people don't advance linearly, they advance episodically, with intense action leading to rapid advancement, plateauing as the next 'level' is reached, etc.

You have to take temporal-factors into account to derive how 'hard' a player is playing, and reward aggressive and creative play. You'd probably need a heuristic algorithm running in the game to properly capture and translate player activity into advancement. But, in short, here's my idea:

Originally Posted by Anenome View Post
Again, I'd love to play a game that hid all this under the scenes and took player cues, building advancement "trees" along player preferred action.

Suppose you're playing a mage. The tree you follow would be along the lines of which basic spell you prefer. Let's say there's fire and ice. You prefer the slowing effect ice gives you. Okay, the more you use it the more you advance down the ice tree.

Want to go down both trees? use both spells in equal measure, but your advancement down both will be halved.

You simply "discover" new spells along the way, as a product of using the basic spells--a process that more closely replicates reality and how people actually advance in things and dispenses with the artificial UI of a skill-tree.

What's more, it allows for things like discovering spells that are a combination of your top-two most used spells, things like that, or spells based on your preferred attack distance, or how many you take on at once (aoe's), etc.

As much as people are used to and like using skill tree UI's, an approach like this would be both fresh and make you care about every single spell you cast.
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