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RSA Podcast Donation Drive

Posted 12-15-2013 at 07:43 PM by Mav

Doubt anyone really reads the blogs but they are fun to chime in now and again. My nearly four year old Star Trek Online podcast is having our next episode recorded days before christmas, and with the holidays every year we throw a small donation drive since I'm unemployed we've been relying on listener and fan donations to keep the site for the podcast afloat the last year or so since I've been out of work. I doubt anyone in our wonderful EvAv community ever listens to us (not many STO fans amongst our merry band of forum posters lol) but we still have a steady listener base, and I figure it can never hurt to ask. Worse case is people say no, or don't donate at all. But if you can, follow this link here. A few bucks, a buck even cents on dollar are helpful to keep the podcast website online, software running we use to record and more.

Hows the holidays treating yall? Cashed in some gift cards and got my mom and aunt a small 7' android tablet, they have their own iPhone as well but as much as they love Angry Birds, Bejeweled etc the tiny 3.5 inch screen is hard on their eyesight at their age. I'm eager to see them open that gift under the christmas tree this year.
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