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The Best Anecdote Ever Written

Posted 08-20-2010 at 03:54 PM by TeeCakes

Reading this story always brings a smile to my face, despite my cold, dead Nega-heart!

OrangeCrush | 2 days ago | permalink
As for the family appeal of either that people keep mentioning, I have a little experience. I have four daughters and bought a Wii within 2 months of launch. It got a ton of play, especially Mario Kart. About a year ago, I bought a PS3 for myself and figured I'd buy games I wanted, not just the family-style games on the Wii. It didn't take long before my daughters started giving games like Burnout Paradise and Little Big Planet a try. Then, we upgraded to HDTV a couple of months ago and my daughters have all commented about how bad the Wii looks on the new TV. Last week at Best Buy they saw the new Harry Potter Lego game; it was out of stock for the PS3, but they had it for the Wii and my kids said they'd rather wait then get the Wii version. I won't be surprised if my kids hear about the move and ask for it for Christmas (even though I'm still leary).

This is just the anecdotal story of my family, but if either Sony or MS is able to successfully transition families who own an HDTV, one of them will displace Nintendo. I think Nintendo needs to come out with the rumored Wii 1.5 with HD ability quickly if they want to stay on top. Even with an HD Wii, it will take new killer-apps to get current Wii owners to go buy a new console that only offers improved graphics."

Amusing indeed...
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    Figures, the dual-shock controller only fits in girly hands :P
    Posted 12-03-2010 at 04:39 PM by Anenome Anenome is offline

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