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But, Who Created God?

Posted 04-17-2010 at 02:51 AM by Anenome

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Originally Posted by I will kill you both View Post
Yet in the end it comes down to what created god.
That's the typical objection, but does it hold water?

The law of causation is a natural law, it came into effect and being with the universe itself. Anything supernatural may not be bound by it. In fact, we've already shown that whatever or whoever caused the big bang is outside of time and therefore fits the definition of eternal.

An eternal thing has no beginning or end, and is therefore not caused, not created. Logic breaks down outside the confines of our own universe. So while we can use them to show there must be a God because of the evidence of the big bang, we can't extend them previous to the big bang, logically.

Even the concept of cause and effect requires time to exist for those concept to make any sense--they are notions of sequence. In a place where there is no time there is also no need for cause and effect. It makes logical sense that God can exist without cause and without beginning or end if he is outside time and space which the evidence makes clear the First Cause must be.
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