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Jurassic: The Hunted demo. Raptors and my clappin' nina.

Posted 12-07-2009 at 07:23 AM by Kragg

Last night I loaded up the demo for "Jurassic: The Hunted" on a hot tip that you could kill dinosaurs with civil war weapons.

This was true, but only part of a greater picture that I couldn't have dreamed of. You get guns delivered through a motherfuckin' TIME MACHINE!

Much like myself, the folks at Cauldron software didn't want to live in a world where you couldn't mow down Velociraptors with a civil war-era gatling gun, and within 3 minutes be splattering the brains out of a T-Rex with Gulf War ordinance. The only difference is they took the initiative to make a video game, while I created a bunch of crude line drawings in a notebook. Kudos.

There was an unsuccessful remake of Turok on the 360 a little while back, and I'm pretty sure the Cauldron team snuck into the Propaganda Games offices, beat everyone to death with socks full of quarters, and then proceeded to steal their game engine, wallets, and unused concept art.

The next step in this plan was to completely bypass any chance of explaining a back story by only giving access to their version of "horde mode" in the demo. You can try to click "new game" as much as you want, but it'll just spit in your face that you don't own the full version. But whatever, no one gives a shit about the story anyway, you just want to shoot a triceratops in the face.

From there you basically defend a fort by gunning down raptors with an installed machine gun from The Last Samurai, and a 9mm featured in most John Singleton films. You board up windows, grab increasingly powerful guns from the future delivered by some magical chrono-angel, and see how long you can repeat this process. The one nifty feature is their twist on "bullet time". Not only does time slow, but you see a sort of "dinosaur x-ray" where your targets internal organs become visible. Cappin' the brain or the heart of a thunder lizard will generally put them down in one shot.

In summary, I feel this game will unfortunately become bargain bin fodder, however I'm looking forward to the day when i can spend $15 to be able to shoot a Brachiosaurus with an RPG.

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