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Went back and found a bunch of mentions of Blueseed

Posted 05-17-2015 at 06:27 PM by Anenome

"Maybe I'll go work there." Notice no reference to moving to Blueseed as a resident.

This seems to be the conversation about Blueseed I was referring to in Johan's lie of a signature quote when I said "we had this discussion":

He seems to think me saying "I'm there" meant I'd be moving there, when in fact I meant I would be going to its launch.

In the very next sentence after saying "I'm there" I talk about tying onto the back of it for future seasteading projects, which is a reference to my plan to build seasteads, which I'm in the thick of currently, as has long been my plan.

Never have I said I would move there. I have consistently talked about Blueseed in terms of my plan to build a seastead.


Why am I talking about creating floating platforms if I was going to move to Blueseed?


Originally Posted by Anenome
This is exactly why I've long felt that such a floating city requires a new political structure, because for the first time in history you can have a city where land-relationships are not fixed but entirely floating. Meaning, if you don't like your neighbor, you can just up and leave, literally.
Can you just move your house if you don't like your neighbor while living on Blueseed? Nope. Can you experiment with new political forms while living on Blueseed? Nope. Again, I was interested in the launch of Blueseed as the first seastead, and I was interested in selling floathouses to Blueseed customers and anchoring on the back of Blueseed those same houses. Never was I going to live there.


I still have that model downstairs. It was the starting point of my design and development stage, which has led me to the current Maran floathouse design which is far superior now and in active development.


Here is my actual plan:

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