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Real-Life is Becoming More like Call of Duty

Posted 06-14-2011 at 05:11 PM by Anenome

Originally Posted by SaintBlitzkrieg to PSPfreak View Post
REALISTIC... you are going to say COD is Realistic...

Realistic would be, me shooting you once in the face and you die. Not that I have to hit you several times. There is no realism in COD, its an ARCADE SHOOTER. Quick reflexes have nothing to do with this game. No matter what you always a chance to make a kill because you can get hit a million and one times before you die. Sorry, realistic COD is not. Hell, how many times have you shot someone with a sniper rifle that should have been a kill shot and he went running away. That should make my point alone. Sorry, but your realistic shooter is nothing but an arcade game. Sorry.
You know what's interesting...

It's not that games are ever going to become more realistic, but rather that real-life combat is going to become more game-like.

In Desert Storm we began furnishing troops with body armor as a matter of course. This extended the life of an average troop past one bullet-hit, such as in the past: Vietnam and WWI&II.

Currently, scientists are working on flexible non-newtonian materials capable of being worn as a uniform that can also stop a bullet.

The irony is, as tech improves and become cheaper, soldiers are increasingly going to have more armor and more tech built into them, turning them into a soldier capable of walking into enemy fire and taking a dozen rounds before they're even hurt.

Real life is becoming more like Call of Duty! Can you imagine if future of combat tactics end up being drawn from gamer's experiences in videogames ^_^
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