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There's Darkness in this World

Posted 02-17-2011 at 07:26 AM by AspectVoid

Ah, World of Darkness, I have some fond memories of this system. My old group had a couple of, well, false starts playing WoD campaigns. I had never played WoD before, and when my group got into it, nWoD had recently been released. We played a couple of one shot sessions (one of oWoD and one of nWoD) but neither game really took off. About a year after that, we started our first real nWoD campaign, and I found my favorite character of all time.

The World of Darkness setting is a setting that is close to the real world. In WoD, the creatures of myth are alive and surviving while in hiding. When nWoD was released, it contained rules for playing vampires, werewolves, and mages. For the game, I had created a mage who went by Vihar.

Vihar was above and beyond different from any other character I have ever played. My characters are normally combat oriented and built around being able to kick ass and forget the names. Vihar was a more subtle character who was focused more on staying under the radar then on dishing out damage.

That's not to say he was incapable in combat, it's just he tried to avoid it if possible. Vihar was skilled in three schools of magic, Force, Time, and Fate. Through Forces, he was able to manipulate electricity. Through the entire campaign, Vihar only really participated in direct combat once, and it was right at the start. The game opened with our characters having been kidnapped and bound/gagged. We managed to break free and battled our way to victory freedom, with Vihar using the electricity in the semi-trucks that were transporting us to attack our enemies. We left no survivors.

That was the only time my character ever acted openly about his abilities. This left me with what I felt were three great accomplishments in this campaign. The first was that our enemies had no clue who or what I was. I actually managed to convince them that I was just some poor dumb sucker who got kidnapped by the rest of our party, and that they should let me go.

My second great accomplishment was managing to save another of our party members. He was playing a werewolf, and, well, wolfed out in an elevator with two government agents, killing them. He then called me, not knowing what he was supposed to do. Of course, when his escorts didn't report in, it brought more down on his head, and he called me, not knowing what to do. I managed to slip into the hotel, and then used a spell to redirect all of the electricity in the building down into the emergency power generators, blowing them and setting off the fire alarms. This bought my team member more than enough chaos to slip out without being noticed.

My final accomplishment got stolen from me by the GM, and to this day I'm still pissed about it. Our party had been saved from a rather grizzly fate by a werewolf pack, and in payment, the pack wanted us to retrieve a mystic object from a US Senator's office. Two of our party made their way into the capital building (one talked his way in, the other slipped in invisibly) and made their way to the office. Once in the office, one of the party members got mind-controlled by the senator. After awhile, my character called him to find out what was taking so long. I was informed that he had to protect the object we were sent to get and that the senator had told him to do so. After a bit more talking, my character had enough information to work out that he was being controlled. I then managed to roll an insanely high persuade check to convince him that the Senator was actually trying to destroy the object that he was tasked to protect and that he needed to kill the senator immediately.

At that point, the GM stepped in and for all intents and purposes said "No, you can't do that" and then had both of our phones die. It was a total dick move and I am still bitter about it.

After that session, the campaign pretty much derailed and died a slow and painful death.
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    I have NO idea what you are talking about. But there is also light in this world...AND IT BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRNNNNSSS!
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