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In The Beginning..............

Posted 11-04-2009 at 09:23 PM by Methos

When I was 6, my father (a physicist) brought home a new PC. Instead of a bed-time story, we played a game called "King's Quest". From that point on, nothing has gripped me like the interactive medium that is a "video game". We always watched the latest movies, or enjoyed the newest TV; but at the end of the day, usually after dinner, we sat together as a family to solve the latest floppy game.
Once and awhile, we'd search for "hints" if we were stuck. At first, a simple viewing of the core files in hexadecimal would give us small codewords to try. Later, we'd call the shady 1-900-HINTS line or bought the "Hint Book" from Egghead Software with the "red window hint card". It was always some stapled paper folded into a clear envelope and way overpriced. But we endured together and conquered every game we could get our hands on. Everyone in the family was a participant, my mother was always tremendous with old riddles. Instead of a family around a table of LIFE or Monopoly, It was a IBM PC.
I am a true believer that "electronic interactive entertainment" can be an art-form more powerful and relevant then much of music or theater has been in a long time. Shared with family or friends or strangers, I look at the games we have now and I am forever thankful. These are the years of "talky movies" or "color TV" in our new digital world.

Until the next time, this is Methos. Last survivor of the Nostromo... Signing Off.
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    Great story ^_^ I so remember those little red window hint cards! Ahhh!
    Posted 03-09-2010 at 01:48 PM by Anenome Anenome is offline

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