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Weekly Comic Roundup - w/c 8th November

Posted 11-08-2009 at 03:00 PM by lost

Some cool new books and plenty of great Batman too!

Batgirl #4

This new Batgirl book is getting into its stride now. The fuzzy transition that Stephanie has gone through to earn the mantle has been a good read but it'll be great to see her get properly stuck in to the evil hordes of villains that inhabit Gotham. It seems that she's another member of the Bat-family who will be staying out of Dick and Damien's way but the inevitable conflict with Red Robin will make really exciting reading. My recommendation get on board now.

Batman/Doc Savage Special

I don't know much about Doc Savage being more of a cape and cowl man but the preview that's been floating around at the back pages over the last few weeks had some great art. It's an alternate-reality style story (although I've not seen it officially referred to as Elseworlds) where the criminals and the heroes aren't necessarily too far apart. Doc Savage suspects new vigilante Batman may have something to do with a murder and he doesn't like it. As a prologue to a 6 issue mini-series the $4.99 price tag is just about justified by the 54 pages you'll get.

Cowboy Ninja Viking #2

This is now giving Batman & Robin a serious run for its money as my favorite new comic of the year. The character, back-story and art are all completely awesome this feels like another Hellboy or Wanted, I know I'd option it for a movie. C.N.V sets his sights on Yashitiko Ammo, also known as Pirate Gladiator Oceanographer (P.G.O for short) and the two have considerable history. Expect blood and guts painted with lots of blue ink. Everybody needs this comic!

Strange #1

Doc Strange makes his return but having been stripped of his title of Sorcerer Supreme he must now find his way back to magical power. Taking on a new student he's getting ready to face all the evils of the sorcery world on a fresh trip toward enlightenment. I put Doc down as a key Marvel figure and he's been pushed to the side during Dark Reign. Surely this is a must-buy for Marvel fans?

Let us know about your picks for the week and what you thought of these titles! Click the headline for this weeks full release list!
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