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Nintendo: Gamers Growing Tired of Same Experiences

Posted 05-01-2013 at 11:54 AM by Demo_Boy

Originally Posted by Terran View Post
The industry is in a rather severe downturn going on 16+ months at this point, and I don't believe 'end of the cycle' (certainly one factor) explains it away and ushers in rainbows and unicorns with the advent of new hardware. I think there are a number of fundamental challenges facing the industry, some beyond their control (and not necessarily in any particular order):


* New-at-retail-pricing. It is unsustainable to price a piece of software at $40+ dollars when everyone knows that the same game can be had several months down the line (for most titles) at a substantial discount relative to initial retail, and often as a better experience (patched, often including extra content at no extra cost). Pay what you want, but I view it as foolish impulsivity to be unable to restrain from blowing $40-$60 today on something I can have for $10 or even less later, especially considering how many games I have already awaiting some attention and receiving none (backlog).

* Along with the previous point is the growing challenge from mobile platforms, which offer inexpensive gaming experiences that are, frankly, just fine for most people. No, they're not nearly as engaging and deep for dedicated gamers such as many of you or myself, and yes the controls on mobile platforms can be hit-or-miss (more often miss), but the reality is that mobile devices already have the attention of billions of people and are taking more people away from static/motionless screens (computer displays, televisions, and the computers/consoles displaying content on them) because that is where people are and what they are engaged with. Even I, at my rather advanced age, find myself untethered from the television and completely uninterested in the idea of sitting in front of it to play a game. I carry screens with me as I go about my business, and watch/play on the move more and more often.

* Same old same old IP. It seems that developers/publishers iterate and regurgitate, rather than create new content. Nintendo is extremely guilty of this. Much of their most impressive content goes back to its creation two to three decades ago.

I think the industry ... is stuck with a pricing model based upon the tens of millions that AAA titles cost to develop/market, is moving too slowly to take advantage of mobile platforms... and is afraid to spend tens of millions on new IP (too risky).

They're headed for a crash. Strap on your seatbelt.
Solid post there.
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    sai tyrus's Avatar
    Definitely. I've been thinking the same thing for quite some time. And I also feel that there are great opportunities to milk the fuck out of consumers, yet instill a sense of loyalty. Look at Valve.
    Posted 05-13-2013 at 02:40 PM by sai tyrus sai tyrus is offline

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