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Kinect: Three Years Later

Posted 11-15-2013 at 07:38 AM by BeardedSonOfNel
Updated 11-15-2013 at 01:05 PM by BeardedSonOfNel (typo corrections)

I know it is far from perfect

This last November 4th the Kinect turned three years old. I remember the day well because I was one of the few folks who visit this site that not only bought one, but got it on day one. My oldest (10 years old at the time) daughter was so excited, and we had a real bonding moment as it was the first time she and I unboxed a system together. After the unboxing I looked through all of the documentation that came with it, and then hooked it up.

For the first time in a long time I really felt like a kid with a new toy. The first time I saw my avatar's feet, and arms move was like magic. It could see me, and knew how far away I was. It could do facial recognition, and log me into a game. I could use my voice to move around the dashboard. It was doing all of the things I had read/seen in the Sci-Fi of my youth. I know the Kinect is far from perfect, but in those first few hours I was an awestruck kid.

When I ordered the Kinect; I also ordered three games. They were Ubisoft Your Shape Fitness, Kinect Sports, and Dance Central. That night after the kids went to bed my wife and I played the shit out of Kinect Sports Bowling, and Dance Central. Three years later she and I still play both of those titles. The Kinect did something I didn't think was possible; get my wife to play a video game (she hates video games).

Over the last three years I've bought a few more of the better titles for it, but as an add-on I knew good games would be few and far between. In fact it is use far more for the voice commands to navigate the dashboard, and start, stop, and pause videos. I do like not having to find the controller, or waiting for the controller to wake up if someone in the room wants me to pause a movie. If anything the Kinect voice commands have made me wish the other devices in my living room has voice support too.

Was the Kinect worth the $150.00 I spent three years ago? For me yes. It has been used almost daily in some way or another, and I personally can't see owning another 360 without the device, but then again I do so much more than just game on the system. It has also helped bring my wife into my favorite hobby, and that alone was worth cost. Like I said I know the device is far from perfect, and the core gamer could care less about it, but it wasn't meant for them anyway.
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