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Spring Update 2014: Mechwarrior Online

Posted 04-09-2014 at 09:08 AM by lockwoodx
Updated 04-09-2014 at 09:21 AM by lockwoodx

It's totally f2p and the controls need tweaking for everyone's keyboard setup to feel comfortable so look them over first. There's no built in voice chat so guilds have advantages like ours where I can ge you in. It's 12 vs 12 death match, capture and hold, and capture the base. The game provides a rotation of 4 different "trial" mechs at a time modeled after Champion versions of mechs. Some are built alright enough to do well but most are garbage leaving you with few choices. Luckily you can use those trial mechs to save credits and buy anything you want except hero mechs everntually.

The gameplay, graphics, and sounds are all very engaging makeing interaction extremely satisfying. Working as a team is havily rewarded tho the solo player can still stand out in a match by being a badass. Customizing your mech between matches is a huge feature of the game and well executed minus the bugs found while using the mechbay itself. Balance has been like a roller coaster and the studio devs themselves extremely cold and indifferent to their fans. Almost combative in attitude. Also they are notorious for long patch cycles between poor changes harking back to the days of vanilla wow and the original "soon"TM

So people have a love hate relationship with the game and it seems to only support a moderately niche sized fan base these days. On the bright side Microsoft recently agreed to renew the IP license until 2016 for PGI so they're doing something right I suppose. Servers are active and busy on the nights/weekends but during Euro / Asian hours you can wait as long as 2 minutes to find a match. Still for free, and once you see how nice it looks, you'll agree it's a good deal it took them 2 years of losing a few 100 thousand customers from pissing them off and slow patch cycles to finally fix the balance in their game.
  • Learning curve: Moderate
  • Depth level: Master
  • Replayability: Indefinite
  • Graphics 9/10
  • Netcode 4/10
  • Server pings 10/10
  • Game balance 7/10

That's my review of MWO currently as of 4/9/14
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    sai tyrus's Avatar
    Nice write up. Need to get this in a thread. I may give it a crack, but with limited gaming time, I'm not sure I'm down for a game with a steep learning curve. I'll probably give it a go as it's F2P, but I dunno man. Doesn't sound all roses. Pretty damn fair review. Props bud!
    Posted 04-09-2014 at 09:25 AM by sai tyrus sai tyrus is offline
  2. Old Comment
    BeardedSonOfNel's Avatar
    Good Info Lock! Looks like I might give it a try.
    Posted 04-25-2014 at 11:03 AM by BeardedSonOfNel BeardedSonOfNel is online now

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