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A random forum post by a smart guy named "Uncompetitive"

Posted 07-02-2014 at 03:16 PM by Demo_Boy

Found this on http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/20...ding-customers

I'd like everyone to stop using the term F2P as it clearly isn't Free to Play. You aren't free to play a game on your mobile whenever you choose to as some block access unless you wait or pay. It may help to replace the term with less disingenuous acronyms, so here are some suggestions of what the community could use instead:

P2E - Pay to Enhance
...basically, hats and other optional cosmetic items can be bought

P2A - Pay to Advance
...you can pay to permanently unlock an item rather than "grind"

P2U - Pay to Unblock
..,you can pay to continue playing (or perhaps wait minutes or hours)

P2O - Pay to Own
...you can try (a time, or content, limited product) before you buy

P2W - Pay to Win
You can pay to buy things in a MP setting that will give you a meaningful advantage over free players.

P2P - Pay to Play
...replaces F2P by being honest about forced In App Purchases*

*if this makes Freemium sound no different than Premium boxed titles then that is deliberate, as unless it is: F2O, F2A, or F2E there is really no difference as you pay money to play both kinds of games, it is just a matter of when. I would really like to live in a world where F2P just meant the wonderful completely free, no blocks, no ads, no market research, no-strings attached, titles that are still altruistically shared by developers who are often just learning their toolsets and are as excited about the escapist qualities of our fun pastime as its audience should be - and not nagged so that they are aware of time and money when they are just looking for some relief from these.

Think of it as a series of increasingly intolerable supersets:

{ { { { { { FREE } P2E } P2A } P2U } P2O } P2P } P2W}
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    Many pay-up-front games now have optional multiplayer map packs which if you don't get them a previously functioning part of the product ceases to work. This is much the same as the mechanisms used by F2P. You can pay to buy tracks in Train Simulator 2014 just as if you were extending a hobby train set, or spend out on extra cars for Forza Motorsport 5, or use those same tokens to buy cars that you could have eventually obtained by winning races if you were patient, I have no problem with any of this. I've also tried a lot of P2O Xbox LIVE Arcade games and been confronted with a notice telling me that if I want my progress, score and achievements to be remembered I can pay for it then and continue - often, I do just that... at other times it takes a second play through for me to assess if I will truly enjoy it, so I am tolerant about all of these mechanisms up until P2O and only become wary when I am asked to choose between frustration and fun.

    Were I keen on football, I would have spent more than five minutes with my free bundled copy of FIFA 14, but now that I have read about its Ultimate Team mode and convoluted and unfun strategies to obtain 'coins' with which to buy players for your dream team I can't help but feel that racing in the same class against the AI mimic of an absent friend is less morally questionable than thrashing them in real time with a team full of ringers. EA have even removed the ability for friends to play together against someone online:


    The technicality involved in gaming its economy makes for dull reading:


    So, what hope is there for this coin obtaining metagame to be fun? EA hopes a lot of players will tire of their lack of their team's competitiveness and P2A via dodgy internet sites that will likely scam them. Unlike Forza Motorsport 5 there no way to buy what you need in-game and there is no official EA site for buying these coins despite appearances to the contrary:


    EA also got a lot of flak for their remake of Dungeon Keeper by asking you to rate it before you have encountered any P2A time blocks then funnelling you into a near guaranteed 5 star review:


    Many people who are new to the medium will have their perceptions of the medium coloured by these shenanigans and I suppose that FIFA 14 Ultimate Team is actually P2W - Pay to Win ...the most egregiously intolerable superset of all.
    Posted 07-02-2014 at 03:17 PM by Demo_Boy Demo_Boy is offline

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