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Some thoughts on 4x turn based strategy games

Posted 06-16-2015 at 09:06 AM by AlienDev

Pretty much all 4X strategy games take the Civilization approach to city facilities (a list of buildings constructed at a city) and I feel I've got a better idea.

So instead of having a list of city facilities the player must build the correct facility in the city radius. So say you need a vehicale factory to build a rover and in most games you'd just build it (aka add to the list of city facilities) and then start turning out rovers. My idea would require the player build a vehicle factory in the city radius and once that is done the city can build rovers.

Now let's make things more interesting, say you wanted to build a missile rover but you need a munitions plant attached to your vehicle factory. Same as before build a munitions plant next to the factory and now this city can build missile rovers in addition to rovers.

This effects the gameplay in a few ways. Besides the obvious requirement to use workers to enhance cities instead of just a build queue, players will have to manage the use of land around a city center as well as consisder tactical options in defense and offense with regards to cities.

What do I mean well say you're attacking a city and it turns out a new missile rover every two turns. You can go for the city center and capture the city but that may take a few turns and they can recover some defense every two turns that pass or you can attact the factory or munitions plant and disaable their ability to produce that unit in the city. This will also make players consider how much damage they are willing to do to a city to conquor it. Other options include destryoing power plants to slow all production in the city or farms to stave the population and thus slow production.

Battling over sections of city instead of just it's center add a lot of tactical and strategic options that greatly enhance 4x games in my opinion. Add some options for resource sharing bwteen cities that have the correct facilities and you add even more options.

I'm currently working on a prototype for this gameplay and I'll try and share it once I've got it working correctly :)
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    brandonjclark's Avatar
    This is a great idea. What it seems to me you are introducing is logistics, which hasn't been done enough at all.
    Posted 06-23-2015 at 10:50 AM by brandonjclark brandonjclark is offline
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    Terran's Avatar
    Very interesting and creative approach. Would love to see it implemented!
    Posted 06-23-2015 at 04:48 PM by Terran Terran is offline
  3. Old Comment
    armaments logistics?

    Take the good old Cluster Bomb now listed as an "evil baby killer" as an example.

    So the bomblets are made outside of Los Angeles, the controlling electronics are made in San Diego, and the bomb shell is made in Michigan. All those items were then shipped via Rail to the Red River Armory Depot just west of Texarkana. A site filled with Quonset huts built during WWII and a revetments with 100 ft high bunker walls where the assemblies are done one bomb at a time by munition experts.
    [Because accidents do happen and those little bomblets never were quite perfected with their timed self-destruct charges.]

    Then the cluster bombs are packaged up in shipping shells and once again moved via rails to a USAF base.

    as for your missile rovers , you mornally make the vehicle one place )say like Oshkosh, WI) and the missiles at another place (southern CA) , and then once again assembled at a third (Katy Tx) where the Army Officer in charge of QA for the program signs off on the unit.
    Posted 06-23-2015 at 07:33 PM by Vulture Vulture is offline

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