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Life... and Living

Posted 01-11-2010 at 02:40 PM by Wyrm

My dream job is hiring and I don't have the necessary qualifications. Remember that magical moment the first time you were told "life isn't fair" and to "deal with it" because "it could be worse"?

Fuck that shit. Life isn't just unfair, it's a motherfucker that loves to stab you in the back when you least expect it. Dealing with it just means accepting that most days are going to be worse than the ones that came before, and knowing that no matter what...
Lord of Dreams
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Borderlands or clear cut Nicaraguan?

Posted 11-02-2009 at 01:39 PM by Wyrm

Though the deluge has only just begun, and there are dozens more titles around the corner that I can't wait to play, I spend my days thinking only of one title: Borderlands.

Its take on an apocalyptic, weird-west setting has my neurons alight with thoughts of new treasures, bigger guns, and leveling up.

This is the game that gamers wanted when they booted up Hellgate: London years ago. This is the game I've been dreaming of since playing Diablo II and seeing Mad Max....
Lord of Dreams
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