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Fuck You George Broussard :P

Posted 06-12-2011 at 03:12 PM by Anenome

Originally Posted by Anenome View Post
Finally the game is released, and it's every bit the turd we feared.
Unless we judge it by 1996 standards it's scraping the bottom of the barrel.
Course, what should we expect from a game with 15 year old ideas.
Killing a boss that big woulda been amazing before SotColossus came out.

Your game's score is relative, judged against the quality of all other games.
Only a modern game with modern ideas can truly hope to compete.
Ugly textures have been cited, and that's a huge problem, and hard to fix.

Gorgeous textures are seen in Modern Warfare 2, which I fired up last night.
Experiencing the recreation of entire cities, my god, I could barely believe it.
Ordinarily a game doesn't try to survive entirely on charm, as this game does.
Rage results from spending $50+ on a 5 hour game experience, length matters.
Great games have depth, not only in character advancement but in play-length.
Extremely good games create a system you can extend into far longer play.

Borderlands, for instance, I played for hundreds of hours. WoW too is like this.
Running around, defeating enemies, advancing your character, RPG elements.
Or, an online system that actually allows some meaningful advancement.
Us gamers want to make progress, it's a human need, at the core of our being.
Slamming your head against a wall is no fun, we want to break through!
So, when you play a game like this, and it eschews modern RPG usage...
All I can say is that it's dated not only in concept, but in gameplay style.
Really? Throwing poo is Georgie B's idea of a good time? Guy must be a freak.
Do you know what this game's legacy is going to be? Just one big sad joke.

See what I did there? :P
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