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iOS Freebies and more Mass Effect 1

Posted 05-09-2012 at 01:50 PM by Mav

Currently Death Rally and Wolfenstein 3D Platinum are free for iOS. Really great games worth the free download.

As for ME1, well I finished it, in a way of sorts. It's no secret that I play PC games on my laptop here, and it's not the best for gaming obviously. It was supposed to be a go-between until I could save up cash for a really powerful desktop. Well that was before I got laid off from my job back in January. Anyways I did play through a small bit of ME1 before I kind of "gave up" so to speak because even with all graphics at their lowest and in a super tiny resolution I was still getting around 10-15 fps, which is fine for cutscenes but roaming around the Citadel was painful as was combat. So I found a very good Let's Play series on Youtube, around 57 different videos in length by a nice guy called awesomematt he seemed to make a lot of conversational choices I would have, and he did not talk through cutscenes. So I watched that from the point I left off in ME1 till it's ending.

It was good. I was surprised all the people you potentially had in your squad had such extensive backstories. Wrex is hilarious, so is Garius at times. The ending with Soren was kind of sad that he understood he was lost and finished things himself.

As for ME2 and 3, well the same youtuber has a series for those too. So baring I get lucky and gain a super powerful desktop pc anytime soon I'll be watching those and playing "vicariously" through them. It's better than nothin right?
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