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Its been a good week

Posted 09-05-2010 at 01:58 AM by Spacebear

For me at least...

Last weekend, I made top 16 at the Star City Games $5k Legacy tournament. How much of that 5k did I get?


Sure beats getting nothing! (Entry fee was 30). So I was up some money and was pretty happy.

Then I found $50 on the ground on my college campus. Ding!

So I had some money burning in my pocket, and decided on buying this new board game, Ascension: Chronicles of the Godslayer. I figured, long weekend, I haven't played a game besides Magic for quite a while.

I bought it on Saturday around 1 pm. Played it until the store closed, then played some more at home. I played about 10 hours of it JUST TODAY. A board game! That only takes ~30 minutes to play! I was amazed how hooked I was.

Basically, Ascension is a deckbuilding game. You start with a small 10 card "starter" deck, and use those to get more powerful cards for your deck. Spend runes to aquire cards, use power to defeat monsters, earning Honor the whole time. The rules are fairly simple (compared to Magic at least), but the depth of the strategy is awesome. We found ourselves even using Magic and Starcraft lingo during the game.

I wouldn't be surprised if in the future they made expansions, probably to address complaints about the game. My only complaint is that there isn't a ton of ways to disrupt your opponents strategies, but I think if there is too much of that, it becomes difficult to do anything, and the game slows down. The game plays very smoothly right now, and we can't find any "cheap" strategies.

I hear people comparing Ascension to Dominion a lot. Like, they sometimes talk about Dominion more than Ascension. I haven't played it, and haven't seen it played, but I guess they are similar in flow.

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