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My Plan for Moving to a Seatsead

Posted 05-12-2014 at 08:43 PM by Anenome

Terran has in his signature a quote of mine he says proves I'd planned to move to Blueseed in 2014.

Never happened.

He ignores the context of my statement purely for trolling purposes.

The context is that he'd accused me of being a hypocrite for being against the US government yet continuing to live in the US.

My response was it's impossible to be a hypocrite in that manner when there's literally nowhere else to go. I then mentioned Blueseed only because it was set to be the very first seastead to launch in the world, and its launch was in 2014. At the very least, prior to that date, it would be impossible to sustain an accusation of hypocrisy.

But, true to form, he has ignored my explanation and continued to troll. Fine, whatever, par for the course for him.

I finally just went back and found statements I'd made back then looking for proof of what I'd actually said. Those conversations are largely lost due to Bean's short stint as moderator, where he did a thread merge as a joke then found out he couldn't unmerge them.

But I did find a statement of mine, one a mere 13 days before Terran's sig-quote. And what's more, it was in response to a direct question about what my plans were for emigration, see below:


Originally Posted by Mazzicc View Post
Where ya headed, when, and what's your immigration/emigration plan?

Not trolling, honestly curious. You're the first person that's actually mentioned leaving as a legitimate solution after I took flak for mentioning it as a possibility in some other yell-at-everyone-and-call-them-idiots thread.
Within the libertarian / ancap movement, it's been dawning on increasingly more people that the attempt to achieve change by both political and educational means is and has failed over the last 40 years.

Instead we're looking seriously at the enclave method of change, which involves setting up your own jurisdiction outside existing ones.

Until recently people were focused on buying islands, or some region in a poor country, like the recent attempt to make an autonomous region in Honduras that was shot down by the Honduran Supreme Court after being passed into law by the legislature (nice try, guys!). Probably most people outside anarcho-capitalist / libertarian circles don't even know of that most recent attempt to create an independent enclave.

I wouldn't have moved to that Honduran one in any case, not immediately anyway, as they didn't have true independence. Couple serious caveats there.

No, what I'm planning is a seastead. Floating autonomous regions in international waters built around ocean-based economic production.

We'd need to do something like either floating fish farms, floating biodiesel production, seaweed production, or even massive wind-farms--but that's quite capital intensive even comparatively.

I've been designing a 50-foot diameter floating concrete dome house based on the Monolithic-Dome house design, and plan to begin producing these in the next few years.

Those are half-spheres, but a floating dome house would be a full sphere, giving it a concrete-hull bottom, which is fantastic as a hull. Lookup the Troll A platform for an example of concrete as a long-term water-dwelling structure.

I'm going to modify this design with a central support column from floor to ceiling for added structural support, since that's the major stress of the dome design, vertical squashing pressure. Shouldn't detract from their architectural beauty.

Perhaps few know also that the world's first commercial seastead is launching early next year, known as Blueseed.

It could be that some people working on the Blueseed ship will want to move to posher surroundings, and maybe I can sell dome-homes to them. I've had many people interested already upon hearing about the concept.

Great thing about a dome home, you don't pay for any land costs. It's pure materials and construction. So, a 5,000 sf floating dome house would cost you likely less than $100k.

Anyway, I have a lot of work to do on that before I push a prototype out the door, including some scale models. Then I'll do something like kickstarter it and auction off the full size prototype and go from there, we'll see

Then just anchor these babies together above a seamount and you're good to go. They may not even need floating break-waters.
In this post I even mention Blueseed! And if I had indeed been planning to move there it would've been the perfect opportunity to wax at length about my plans therein.

But no, I mention Blueseed only in the context of building floating houses to sell to Blueseed residents. The exact project that I've been working on for nearly a year now and have mad a lot of progress on up to this point, to where I'm now ready to make the prototype soon.

You can even track my research progress on developments here: http://www.reddit.com/r/floathouse/

Recently I put out a few public statements about my plans and received offers from half a dozen people to volunteer to help build the boat!

I'm also nearly ready to begin mixing my own geopolymer concrete, a research project that will serve as the foundation of the boat building project.

My plan is, was, and remains to move to a seastead within the next few years, and to make floathouses.

Blueseed is clearly designed for people with H1-B restrictions and is expensive to boot. It's not for me, I never applied to live there, I never made that plan.

If things continue at their current pace, my floathouse might actually be in the water before Blueseed ever gets there. And if I began mortgaging my houses out, they'd actually be 40% cheaper to live in than renting a tiny apartment from Blueseed!

So, I am continuing on my my research and construction project, have made significant progress, and am quite pleased with how things have gone thus far.

It will take several more years before aquaculture reaches a point where someone can begin living at sea, but I want to be on the front lines of that coming revolution too.

Thus I have gotten involved with a local aquaculture farm that's working on mussel farming, and later scallops.

It's a good time to be building something as a libertarian
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