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Parenting in the Digital Age...

Posted 04-19-2013 at 09:34 AM by sai tyrus

Ive previously mentioned how the demographics in Halo 4 have shifted. From a business perspective, such a move makes sense. My generation may have started on Halo in our early twenties. But now that some of us are in our early thirties, adult responsibilities take precedence. And for others, such as myself, the series may have grown stale. Ive spoken at great lengths how violence, and whats acceptable in both television, film, and games, has changed. A lot of critics like to hammer games as a cause for violent behavior, but I think the issue is far too complex to simply look at it as a cause and effect. A recent study, has shown that the release of violent video games actually coincides with decreased crime rates. Research aside, I think the permeation of violence in all forms of media may be affecting us in ways we dont understand. To this day, Im amazed whats shown on regular television. I wonder what effect some of this may have on my step-son, Bailey. Thats where its my job as a parent to not hand him off to the xbox or the television as a baby sitter. I think a lot of parents nowadays do. And thats just one part of the problem.
I threw up a thread a thread a while back about the headaches of parenting. The bombings in Boston certainly appear to be a terrorist act, but it made me think about violence, and in many instances, how the media tries to correlate games and violence. Full write-up here.
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