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Evil Avatar 08-08-2017 09:56 AM

New Trailer for the Crucible – Destiny 2’s Competitive Multiplayer #Destiny2

4v4 Sucks the sweat off of dogs balls. Bring back Big Team Battles or GTFO.

Evil Avatar 08-08-2017 09:56 AM

Booda 08-08-2017 11:43 AM


EL CABONG 08-08-2017 03:26 PM

Yup. Not a 4v4 fan.

MADxMrMike 08-08-2017 08:03 PM

4... 6. Don't matter to me. As long as it's smooth and fun I'll play. I never had an issue in beta finding someone to fight and it was always fun.

Mojopin 08-10-2017 07:40 AM

I thought the beta was a lot of fun. I doubt they will keep things only 4v4 for long though I could be wrong. It just seems like THAT is the biggest issue people have with crucible and when there is enough outcry (which will get louder after release) they do change things. It took a while in D1 but they did say making changes in D2 will be easier so I have hopes for my friends that want something other than 4v4 that it'll change sooner than later.

PacerDawn 08-10-2017 11:17 AM


Originally Posted by Booda (Post 2490001)

This is for those that would rather have more time to eat Pop-Tarts and less time to level up in Destiny 2. I mean, seriously... If people would rather go for this type of thing over playing, the developers might need to re-think whether that part of the game is any fun or not. I wouldn't be surprised if the next Pop-Tarts campaign is going to be for a code to automatically skip to the end of Uncharted 5.



The U.S. partnership with Pop-Tarts® will fuel players’ Destiny 2 gaming experience by offering XP Boost, free with purchase of specially-marked packages of Pop-Tarts®.** In addition to this limited time offer, Pop-Tarts® will feature custom-designed, collectable packs highlighting each Guardian Subclass. Look for these special packs of 8-count and 12-count varieties to hit grocery store shelves in September. Participants can visit KFR.com/D2XP for more info and redeem rewards beginning Sept. 1.
Is there a bigger oxymoron than "free with purchase"?

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