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Evil Avatar 02-21-2019 03:39 AM

Free PC Games
I still have 2.5 13-gallon tubs full of PC games and other 13-gallon tub of the manuals that I need to get rid of.

If anyone wants these, they are free I just need you to cover shipping costs. I can do a small flat rate box for like $13 that would probably hold 5 or 6 games including the manuals.

No boxes.

Iím keeping the Ultima Online discs and beta discs, Soldier of Fortune II and the Quake III and Wolfenstein tin boxes. Pretty much everything else is up for grabs.

If you arenít picky and just want some random old games, I can put together a goodie box for you for $13 each. Let me know! I hate to just give these away to Goodwill.

zeonxavier 02-21-2019 06:15 PM

Do these games require 3.5 floppy drives or anything else hardware wise that more modern PC's lack?

AlfredT 08-10-2019 10:42 PM

Hey evil, I dunno if you got these still, but you can make a KILLING on ebay. That was my business after the cancer hit and I couldn't do sitting down IT for a year or 2.

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