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Evil Avatar 03-02-2020 06:18 PM

Riot Games Tactical Shooter Titled Valorant, Launches this Summer


Valorant is a 5v5 tactical shooter, meaning you move slowly, die real fast, and lose any semblance of accuracy when you try to run-and-gun. Weapons have heavy recoil, made more manageable when you stand still or crouch. Bullets penetrate doors and light cover. One round, one life, with one team trying to plant a bomb and the other trying to stop them. You even buy guns and armor at the beginning of every round and run faster with your knife (there is, of course, no sprint). These have been the fundamentals of Counter-Strike for 20 years.

Seriously—when I went to Riot Games to play its first new thing set outside the League of Legends universe, I didn't expect to be pulling out a knife to run at top speed in a game released in 2020.

"When you think of everything from old Rogue Spear, to Counter-Strike 1.4 and Counter-Strike 1.6, and even Rainbow Six: Siege now, they're all playing in this tactical tradition of games that force you to play as a team and think about how you're going to break through an enemy line and conquer it. What we really liked is that concept," said game director Joe Ziegler. "The bits and pieces that we took inspiration from we've molded into our own to create a package that we feel is very unique, but really we were thinking about how to expand on the creativity of it. Because in a lot of those games, historically, it's a game of inches."

The parts of Valorant that aren't pure Counter-Strike are similarly unoriginal. Character abilities feel straight out of a game like Overwatch (or League of Legends), but are scaled way back to only a few uses per match. Riot emphasized, again and again over two days of playing Valorant and talking to its creators, that the shooting is the main course and the abilities are the side dish. "An obvious default for us would be like, oh, just give agents all the abilities every round," said lead game designer Trevor Romleski.

But that's not Valorant. Each character has a single core ability they can use repeatedly—while two others have to be bought and replenished each round, and can only hold a few charges. In the hands of a newcomer, trying to use them in a firefight is liable to get you killed. It only takes a few bullets to put you down, even with armor. But a wall of poison or a flashbang that curves around a corner can completely upset an encounter in the hands of a pro. Their rarity does make them crucial, if you're not bumbling around with a bunch of beginners.

"What we wanted to introduce is a targeted pace for the game," Romleski said. "We didn't want the first round to be this crazy explosive moment where tons of agent abilities are flying out, and we wanted some of the things that you [buy] in the game to be meaningful. So if you die, that actually impacts your economy. You may have to compromise on your weapon to get more abilities or vice versa. So we think that just enriches decision-making when you play, but ultimately it serves as a pacing mechanism for us where total ability use goes up as more money is introduced."
PC Gamer.

It's an ugly and slow mash-up of Counter-Strike and Overwatch? Not sure if serious.

Evil Avatar 03-02-2020 06:18 PM

Evil Avatar 03-02-2020 06:20 PM

Most of the match you can't even see what is going on because of one of the powers. This game reeks of failure.

Sensei-X 03-03-2020 06:07 PM

Looks like your typical Chinese knock-off of an existing IP, which apparently is enough because the Riot fanboys are eating this shit up and calling it chocolate pudding. They're actively swarming on anyone that dares talk poorly of the game. Guess Tencent has trained their drones well.

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