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Evil Avatar 03-15-2020 08:56 PM

This Box-Office Weekend No One Wins

Concerns over the Wuhan Flu have continued to increase and the effect on the global box office has been felt. This weekend's top ten combined for an estimated $50.35 million, which is the lowest week eleven gross for the top ten since 1995.

Here is the Weekend Boxoffice Chart for the weekend of March 13th to March 15th, 2020.
  1. Onward $10.5/$60.2
  2. I Still Believe $9.5/$9.5
  3. Bloodshot $9.3/$10.5
  4. The Invisible Man $6.0/$64.4
  5. The Hunt $5.3/$5.7
  6. Sonic the Hedgehog $2.5/$145.8
  7. The Way Back $2.4/$13.4
  8. The Call of the Wild $2.2/$62.1
  9. Emma $1.3/$10.0
  10. Bad Boys for Life $1.1/$204.2
  11. Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn $.555/$84.0
  12. Impractical Jokers: The Movie $.420/$10.2

excalibur1814 03-16-2020 01:45 AM

I watched Birds of Prey and... it was boring and all over the place. There were some amusing bits, with a few choreographed fight scenes looking reasonably acceptable, but that's about it.

I also watched Bloodshot. It was so generic that I might as well burn my money. Vin Diesel plays a unique character called Vin Diesel. It should have been an 18 or, at least, a damn 15. There’s the Elysium inspired tech suit, the Winter Soldier lift fight, the fast ‘cut to hell’ Eiza González fight (which probably consisted of her stunt double doing 98% of the scenes, to hell and back, then 2% of Eiza) but not much more.


MusicToEat 03-16-2020 07:54 AM

Saw Bloodshot Friday night before they closed all the movie theaters in my area. Excalibur nailed it. Generic action movie that copied about 5 other better movies.

Evil Avatar 03-16-2020 08:46 AM

The new season of Westworld started on Sunday night. It’s pretty bad. I had to laugh because the plot is the same plot from the failed Futureworld sequel.

Evil Avatar 03-23-2020 09:27 AM

Looks like there are no box office numbers for the next few weeks until the theaters open again.

Terran 03-23-2020 10:11 AM

Some of those theaters won't be opening again. Ever.

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