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Metal Jesus 03-20-2020 07:17 AM


I review GAMEYE, CLZ Games and PriceCharting.com for cataloging your video games. What are YOU using to catalog your game collection?

vallor 03-20-2020 09:25 AM

Well, just recently I downloaded GoG Galaxy 2.0...

I don't have a bunch of console games but I am getting tired of accidentally rebuying games on different platforms when Humble, Steam, or GoG have their various sales.

At the very least now I know when I get a dupe so I can offer the key up on EvAv or something.

Scherge 03-23-2020 07:42 AM

Damn, I missed this thread over the week-end. This is an interesting topic for me. I haven't owned a smart device for the longest time and am still not fond of using "apps" instead of "programs". At some point, I started cataloging my collection in an Excel database, but I stopped at around 1,000 games (and well before current gen).

Do any of these utilities offer a sort of import tool, like for a plain-text list of names? I'm fairly certain my wife would throw a fit if I dug out the half-dozen moving boxes I've stashed in the basement. Besides, many of these games are promo discs without a proper box, so there's no way to quickly scan a barcode...

Metal Jesus 03-23-2020 09:01 AM


Originally Posted by Scherge (Post 2555744)

Do any of these utilities offer a sort of import tool, like for a plain-text list of names?

Yes, almost all of them offer an import tool... but they vary wildly as you might expect. For instance CLZ Games will take a standard csv text file, while PriceCharting.com has this simple text field thing.

Myself, I've decided CLZ Games is the app for me, despite there being a small subscription. It's just has more features and is better supported at this time.

Scherge 03-24-2020 12:16 AM

Yeah... I'm afraid it's back to Excel for me. I gave GAMEYE a whirl, and it doesn't recognize PAL games. I tried scanning XB1 and PS3 games, and not one of them worked. My US copy of "World Series Baseball 2K2" for the Dreamcast was recognized just fine, but with an estimated 200 German games to go (plus the aforementioned promo discs), I sure as hell don't want to use a touchscreen interface to register them. I'm an old guy. I want my data offline, and I don't like subscriptions.

Thanks anyway! It was interesting to think about my collection instead of my backlog for a couple of hours. :o

LilAbner 03-26-2020 09:26 PM

GG| - https://ggapp.io/

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