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Evil Avatar 07-31-2019 08:00 PM

Borderlands 3 has Gone Gold


We are pleased to announce that #Borderlands3 has gone GOLD! Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen! We’ll see you September 13th Vault Hunters!

Inkabodcrane 08-01-2019 05:24 AM

Dudes, I know Borderlands can be fun, I've played all of them, but I really dislike Randy Pitchford, so I won't be getting this game until it is inevitably on sale for $5 or $10 bucks, if ever.

I'm sure many game devs are shady but this guy is on another level. From personal experience when he was giving demos of Aliens Colonial Marines at PAX and through all the things since, I just can't support the dude.

Hope ya'll like his game.

ministryofwrath 08-01-2019 08:14 AM

I'm on the fuck the randy train for 2 reasons.

Epic game store, I literally can't get it to work, I want ghost recons next game for coop, and world war Z... and basically all good coop games...but it won't work for me.

And because he ruined Aliens colonial marines, and used the money to make this game.

So yeah, randy can suck a fat one, though at this point it would probably make him happy.

alienchild 08-01-2019 08:40 AM

I liked Borderlands, loved Borderlands 2 but absolutely hated Borderlands whateverthefuckitwascalledagain. Perhaps I'll give this one a go, but the entry point would have to be low. $20-25 or so. If there are oxygen in this game though like whateverthefuckitwascalledagain I won't touch it.

PatrickRes9 08-01-2019 08:43 AM

Will be skipping until it's "Amazing handsome beautiful master collection" or whatever they end out calling it is on sale for $20. On Steam. Until then, no bueno.

Ghostblaze 08-01-2019 09:05 AM

I lost interest in this series long ago.

Terran 08-01-2019 09:37 AM

Serious question from someone who has played Borderlands games to death in the past: What does this iteration offer that is any different or compelling compared with the past entries in the series? Because, frankly, Borderlands as a series seems extremely stagnant and I'm tired just thinking of it. If it's merely more of the same, a loot-centric game with garbage loot and a bit of cel-shaded snark here and there, I'll be hitting the exit ramp before I even merge onto the highway.

DeadPixel 08-01-2019 10:17 AM

Loved BL1,2 and PreSequel but the Epic shit has really turned off all my interest. If they wanted to sell on Epic or even give you a good launch discount on Epic but still offered it on Steam, I'd get it, but not with this exclusive garbage.

Blog 08-01-2019 10:25 AM

This will be news when we can buy it somewhere besides the Epic Store.

PacerDawn 08-01-2019 06:33 PM


We’ll see you September 13th Vault Hunters!
More like, we'll see you when this hits the bargain bin.

shadow763 08-02-2019 06:09 AM

My son is really excited for it. I feel it is more of the same and with Randy being a giant douche I see no reason to pick it up.

Juan 08-02-2019 07:06 AM

I ain't supporting Gearbox

Vulture 08-02-2019 08:53 AM


Originally Posted by PacerDawn (Post 2541820)
More like, we'll see you when this hits the bargain bin.

I wonder what the piracy rate will be on this one for the PC?
Will there be an ethical piracy segment, that donates $20 to "victims of Randy Pitchford" charity when they torrent BL3?

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