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Jetherik 08-10-2019 09:36 AM

Weekend Gamer: What are you playing?

Football is starting! But, that doesn't mean all gaming comes to an end. What are you playing this weekend?

HillTribe 08-10-2019 03:14 PM

Got burned out on Ark again, but I know Ill be back one day.

For Honor mostly this weekend. Its one of the free games on Epic game store(log on and claim it, its free for life) so I got a few friends to join me.

Major Dan 08-10-2019 03:30 PM

Nothing yet. Working a road trip, which may be my last for some time as Furlough looks like it is going to happen soon. The RR has seen a slow down so unusual nobody can make sense of it. But if I do get furloughed, I will take a big road trip and that means Switch games.

Evil Avatar 08-10-2019 08:12 PM

I'm playing "Work all weekend so one of your employees can take the week off."

My boss thought I was on vacation last week and this week, but I wasn't and I don't remember asking for the time off. So, I think when my employee gets back from vacation in a few weeks that I'll take some time off to clean out my old home-office and make it into a bedroom for my daughter.

That should leave a lot of room for catching up on some gaming those two weeks, but for the next 4 weeks it's work-work-work.

Mad Max RW 08-11-2019 09:24 AM

Brutal Doom 64

The same guy behind Brutal Doom took the conversion of the forgotten masterpiece that is Doom 64 and updated/tweaked it to perfection. If you never played or heard of Doom 64 it was a standalone exclusive for N64 with all new maps and every sprite replaced. The music and overall atmosphere is closer to Quake 1. Also the story technically makes it the true Doom 3. Rumor is it will finally be released on PC this year, so I recommend downloading the free mod now.

BeardedSonOfNel 08-11-2019 12:39 PM

Skyrim, and some SHMUPS

badclam 08-11-2019 08:58 PM

My back log is so full, it's sad, there is nothing I really want to play.....rather go camping and be in the woods, and just disconnect from everything.... guess i'm not playing to much of anything this weekend.

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