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BeardedSonOfNel 08-11-2019 05:31 PM

One Quarter One Play - Deathsmiles

This week I take on the horizontal SHMUP Deathsmiles. Click the headline to read more about the game, and see how far I get on one quarter.

BeardedSonOfNel 08-11-2019 05:31 PM

So, Deathsmiles is a horizontal shooter that has some really nice graphics and music. It was developed by Cave, and published by AMI on october 19th 2007. The game was ported from the arcade to the Xbox 360, iOS, Android, and MS Windows.

This is a really fun shooter that has enemies coming at you in both directions. The pacing of this game is great, and it does a nice job of slowly ratcheting up the difficulty. That being said, I don’t really know what’s going on in the story because I’ve only every played the Japanese version of the game, and I can’t read, or speak the language.

The overall feeling of the game is that it is a gothic fantasy, and you play the roll of a witch.


The game used a CAVE CV1000B board. The main CPU is a Hitachi SH-3 running at 133 MHz. The Hitachi SH line of CPUs have been used in several arcade games, and home consoles. The SH-1, and SH-2 were used in the Sega 32X, and the Sega Saturn.

The sound is provided by a Yamaha YMZ770C-F.

I’ve been playing this game a lot over the last month, and I don’t see it leaving my favorites list anytime soon.

Here is my first play of the day. I was feeling cocky because last night I was just dominating the game. I didn’t do as well as I normally do, but that’s the whole point of this thread.

badclam 08-11-2019 08:55 PM

Hope you keep, One Quarter One Play up!!!! enjoy it a lot, you bring something new to the table here on EvA!!!! Keep it Up!!!! and thank you!!!! for the wonderful share's!!!!

brandonjclark 08-12-2019 06:44 AM

What a cool game.

I love this series.

BeardedSonOfNel 08-12-2019 12:19 PM

Right on guys, and thanks!

Evil Avatar 08-12-2019 06:07 PM

Great post as always!

Terran 08-12-2019 08:20 PM


Nice vid!

There are so many games I never got around to, for whatever reason, and this is one of them. It looks fun! Love shmups.

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