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Metal Jesus 11-05-2019 08:43 AM

16 Music Pickups - Vinyl Records & CDs (Rock/Game/Metal/Pop)

I'm hanging out with my buddy Troy showing you albums by Dream Theater, Pantera, Megadeth, Ghost, Arch Enemy and much more!

ElektroDragon 11-06-2019 12:56 PM

Yay, Megadeth love! King Diamond is releasing a bunch of vinyls too, I'll be at the show in Seattle on Nov 25th at the Paramount! VIP! Be there or be square!

Metal Jesus 11-06-2019 01:12 PM

Here is the music shown:
Cuphead - Soundtrack
Dream Theater - Distance over Time + Blu-Ray 5.1
Pantera - The Complete Studio Albums (BOXSET)
The Posies - Frosting on the Beater
Escape from Synth City
Megadeth - Warheads on Foreheads (BOXSET)
Death - Leprosy
Ghost - Ceremony and Devotion
The Rick & Morty Soundtrack
The Lazys - Tropical Hazards
The Waterboy Soundtrack (?!?!)
Arch Enemy - Covered in Blood
Castlevania - Symphony of the Night
Great White - Shot in the Dark
Journey - Soundtrack
Jack Russell’s Great White - He Saw it Comin’

lancereagle 11-06-2019 06:56 PM

I have to get the SotN one. It's my favorite game of all time. I didn't know this was a thing!

Meeks 11-06-2019 08:04 PM

Hell of a lineup there, sir!

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