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Evil Avatar 09-11-2018 09:15 AM

Yakuza Studio Announces Project Judge for PS4


Sega is proud to announce that the new courtroom thriller from Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios, Project Judge (working title), will release in 2019 on the PlayStation 4. Project Judge will feature the voice acting talents of Japanese actor / artist Takuya Kimura as the game’s main protagonist, Takayuki Yagami.

Project Judge takes place in modern day Tokyo, following a serial murder case. The main protagonist, private detective Takayuki Yagami (played by Takuya Kimura), is a man of conviction who fights for his beliefs, despite the overwhelming despair surrounding him. Kimura has met extensively with the game’s development team to craft this protagonist, dedicating more than 1,000 minutes of voice recording time for his lines. By putting forth so much effort in developing this role, Project Judge aims to redefine what it means to truly bring a character to life.

Other talented actors, including Akira Nakao, Kenichi Takito, Shosuke Tanihara, and Pierre Taki were brought in to play the game’s supporting roles. Additionally, the rock band Alexandros enhances the drama to its peak with the original theme song Arpeggio and feature song, Your Song. This game is developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios headed by Sega Chief Product Officer Toshihiro Nagoshi. The studio is known primarily for their work on the Yakuza series, which has sold over 11 million copies worldwide. To create an experience in line with the studio’s core belief to “Create enjoyable games that address mature themes” the team spent more than 3 years developing Project Judge‘s story and characters.

Enhancing the game’s position as a courtroom thriller and embodying the feeling of playing a detective, players will need to utilize key investigative skills in conjunction with unique gameplay features to unveil the truths hidden at the core of Project Judge‘s plot.

What lies beyond the suffering and failures of the man trapped within his past; is it a divine revelation, or something more sinister? Stay tuned for more information on Project Judge, the courtroom thriller action game brought to you by the prolific tag team of Takuya Kimura and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios.

Evil Avatar 09-11-2018 09:16 AM

LostToys 09-11-2018 05:04 PM

Can't wait for this. Playing through Yakuza Kiwami 2 right now. I can't get enough of these games!

Marticus 09-12-2018 01:52 AM

The trailer makes this game look amazing. Hoping it's true ^_^

Scherge 09-12-2018 03:59 AM

There's a short demo in the Japanese PlayStation Store, if you're interested. I played it this morning and have to say that I'm a bit disappointed. The game is an almost exact copy of the "Yakuza" titles, and it's even set in Kamurocho! The visuals looked like a step back from Kiwami 2, with more aliasing than I remember. The detective stuff seemed okay but nowhere near as elaborate as, say, in "L.A. Noire". What really put me off, though, was the combat. It's identical to the brawls in Yakuza, but slightly more hectic and ... "floaty" might be a fitting word. I assume you don't usually start with the endless combos that the demo has unlocked right from the beginning, but I found it irritating that you could effortlessly switch targets mid-combo without changing the animation. It kinda felt like the Batman trouncing a group of hapless enemies in an Arkham game, zipping from one to the other.

However, I'm sure the story will be great, and I'm a sucker for these titles, so I guess I'll get it eventually... :rolleyes:

LostToys 09-12-2018 05:18 PM

You really play these games for the story, not for the minute to minute gameplay. The story, particularly some of the more nuanced side-missions, are what keep me coming back for more Yakuza games.

actusoul 09-12-2018 10:31 PM

I never played this type of game. Can anyone recommend one for the PS4? Preferably a newer one if its good.

Scherge 09-13-2018 01:50 AM


Originally Posted by actusoul (Post 2520792)
I never played this type of game. Can anyone recommend one for the PS4? Preferably a newer one if its good.

"Yakuza 0" is an excellent start! It's a prequel, so it might spoil some surprises if you decide to continue playing the series, but then again, it will create new surprises for you. Other than that, it's just plain fun, it has a solid combat system, some of the greatest mini games in the series, and the side stories (i. e., short story-based quests) are often hilarious. For an example, look for "Miracle Johnson" on YouTube... :D

LostToys 09-13-2018 05:11 AM

I personally recommend playing Yakuza Kiwami 1, Zero, Kiwami 2, then so forth. The reason why I recommend Yakuza Kiwami 1 first is that you gain a much better appreciation for Majima after you see him in Kiwami 1. If you go 0 to 1 his character just seems genuinely off as there is a real disconnect between the two titles.

The only real problem with going form Kiwami 1 to 0 is that the "Majima Everywhere" mechanic won't be as fun or entertaining if you are playing Yakuza Kiwami 1 for the first time.

So it really is personal preference how you want to handle it. 0-6 or 1, 0, 2 through 6.

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