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Metal Jesus 11-12-2019 09:46 AM

Is PHYSICAL MEDIA DOOMED? How will it affect GAME COLLECTING? - MJR Crew Answers!

What are your thoughts on digital games? Will we see less physical media in the near future and if so how would this effect collecting?

BeardedSonOfNel 11-12-2019 03:02 PM

I have not watched the video, but if you asked me that question, I'd say it isn't doomed. That said, I think we will see less of it. By all accounts vinyl records should be dead, but they aren't, and I think collectors will keep physical game media alive. There are already companies out there that do limit runs of digital games on media.

Now I'm off to watch the video.

DingBat 11-12-2019 03:43 PM

I think that in a future of climate change mitigation there's going to be significant pressure to reduce waste in production (and consumption) in general. Unfortunately, physical copies of games is pretty much unnecessary these days.

Yeah, I have no idea how much of an impact that might have. I'm just pointing out that you really don't need a physical copy of a game these days.

Now if they'd only stop producing those hard plastic wrappers on products. You know, the ones that are impossible to get open without risking bodily harm.

Major Dan 11-12-2019 04:05 PM

But when the apocalypse hits only physical copies are going to work. So, there is a good reason to keep them around.

excalibur1814 11-12-2019 04:21 PM

Companies have tried to stop people copying media for years. Heck, when we had cassette tapes, my Sister and I would record the top ten! Now, of course, it's subscription here, subscription there, with people basically owning 'nothing'.

Physical media is dead, as the general public, (afaik) just wants easy access to everything without thinking.

Something, however, has recently annoyed me. High definition music download subscriptions. That's just taking the actual p***. We used to have CDs, with the quality being pretty damn good. Sure, yeah, I'd rip them off, but that would be at the highest quality I could find (Cool Edit Pro mp3 add-on).

-"Here, have your audio at this quality and LIKE IT! (Not that most would notice)"
-"Oh, you want high quality audio? Then pay for it AGAIN!"

RAV 11-12-2019 05:12 PM

Most points have already been covered in the video and comments.

I want to add that when a company decides now to do a physical special collectors edition of their game, it is probably a lot cooler than the physical packages were at the prime time of mass market.

There is a comparison in books. In times of Kindle and tablet, real books really are a burden when it comes to practical reading. However, nowadays there are craftsmen specializing in doing book bindings that are absolutely amazing and beyond anything you would have seen when real books were a thing. The book then becomes an object of ornament in your house, more than just a practical thing.

Here are just a few simpler examples. There is truly awesome stuff out there. And it would be cool if special edition packaging of games would follow along these lines, that while they are no longer normal releases, they become much cooler than ever before, and very prestigious to own. You just want it more than ever. So maybe in that sense it could become even a brighter future for collectors, though not every game would have such a release. But when there is a market demand, someone out there will serve it. What is possible is that there will be small companies specializing in creating special edition packaging for games that never had one from the original creators. That's also kind of how the book binders do it, they create special edition books for when the original publishers never created them. There could also be a creative hobbyist do-it-yourself scene creating physical packaging for games that were never intended to have one, maybe with an usb stick at the heart of it containing the ripped files, or maybe even just Let's Play videos of the game. And then of course so much gimmick accessory, figures, coins, booklets, etc. So imagine it kinda like this in craftsmanship:



Scherge 11-13-2019 10:22 AM

Lots of good points in the video and the comments. However, I'd like to add that, while digital has come a long way, it has NOT conquered the full-price games market like everyone seems to believe (and like some people predicted in 2010). Using a mainstream core game like "Call of Duty" as an example: More console units of "Black Ops IIII" have been sold at retail than digitally in the US. For singleplayer games, the numbers are shifting even more in favor of retail products.

Sure, "console" and "full price" are some heavy qualifiers, but hey: The question was about collecting, and that mostly concerns full-price console games. At least, I never heard a collector claim that he owned all versions of "Candy Crush Saga" or PUBG...

As for the future, I agree that digital will grow ever more present. In the end, it'll depend on whether bandwidth or storage media will be cheaper. If I can buy all Gran Turismo games with all cars on a single memory stick and use it with my PS6, while ISPs charge me extra for everything above one Terabyte per month, then I'll probably still be buying physical media. Remember: Unless you're streaming everything (WHICH STILL DOESN'T WORK ALL THAT WELL FOR MANY GAME GENRES), you'll still need local storage space to download all those handy digital games.

Oh, and grandparents just love packaging a gift and putting it under the tree at Christmas, and will do so for years to come. An SMS with a Steam code just doesn't give you that same warm feeling, does it?

ElektroDragon 11-13-2019 06:48 PM

It's doomed. I was a huge collector of deluxe editions and all that, but at some point you realize:

1) You don't have the room.
2) The disc is just an unlock key because you still have to re-download basically the whole game at some point.
3) Most games have no manuals or anything anymore.
4) For Nintendo games, too damn easy to lose.
5) It's not cheaper anymore to buy physical except on Black Friday because they killed all the 20% off programs.
6) The older you get the more of a pain in the ass it is to get up and change discs.
7) I never really sold my games anyway.
8) Media can degrade, or fail.
9) The pre-order incentives and SEs are the same or better for digital games now.

So now I only buy physical if there is a huge discount, huge discount.

The only question is, will my children and grandchildren be able to log into my accounts and play my games 50 years from now when I'm probably going to be stone cold dead? Well, at least they will be able to play the thousands of physical games I do have, maybe.

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