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Evil Avatar 04-11-2018 10:32 AM

Worlds Adrift Launches May 17 on Steam Early Access


Worlds Adrift sails onto Steam Early Access 17th May, 2018

Bossa Studios today announced that its much anticipated Community-Crafted MMO, ‘Worlds Adrift’ will launch publicly on Steam Early Access for the first time on 17th May, 2018. Worlds Adrift will be available worldwide for PC on the Steam Store for £19.49 / $24.99 / €22.99.

As part of a presentation at London Games Festival today, where the singer, Freja Frances, performed live with Worlds Adrift’s OST composer Murugan Thiruchelvam, backed by a string quartet, Bossa Studios have exclusively unveiled a new trailer revealing the Early Access launch date.

“When we went into Closed Beta in May last year, we couldn’t have envisioned the sheer amount of quality feedback we would receive from our inspiring community,” commented Henrique Olifiers, CEO and co-founder of Bossa Studios. “At times, this completely shifted our production’s scope, and as a result, helped us truly hone Worlds Adrift’s vision, and has got it to this unique place. We now feel ready to take the game to a much wider audience, and work even more closely with the players to ensure we continue to learn and improve it. This is another reason why we label Worlds Adrift as the first Community-Crafted MMO.”

To find out more about the game, to sign up to our newsletter, and to see our Early Access Roadmap visit worldsadrift.com.

Evil Avatar 04-11-2018 10:32 AM

AlfredT 04-11-2018 11:32 AM

I was kinda interested in this game, but I also heard that it was kinda hell on new people who were trying to solo vs established teams/guilds and the griefing that ensued.

Apex 04-12-2018 01:28 PM

Sounds like Project Nomads 'the mmo'. If anyone remembers that game.

vallor 04-13-2018 12:40 AM

This looks like a very boring game.

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