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Evil Avatar 08-08-2019 09:05 AM

Ninja hits One Million Subscribers on Mixer


Less than one week after parting ways with Twitch to try his luck on Microsoft's Mixer streaming platform, Fortnite mega-streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has already racked up more than one million subscribers.

Those of you who have perused Ninja's Mixer channel will likely know that subscriptions are free for everyone until the end of September, which is obviously (and hugely) inflating the numbers. The situation will get a lot more interesting when the freebie period is over, and we see how much of that subscriber base—whatever it ultimately adds up to, because there's still almost two full months left in the promo—sticks around.
PC Gamer.

Like what happened with Apex Legends, it isn't about getting people to sign up, it's getting them to stay. I still think that because Mixer isn't an established plaform, his viewer base will crash-and-burn soon.

brandonjclark 08-08-2019 11:42 AM

I just went to Mixer for the first time and this Ninja *WATCH NOW link came up. Clicked on it and the dude is sitting there with his character not moving, and he's munching on a burger.

Is THIS what kids come for?

ElektroDragon 08-08-2019 12:16 PM

I still don't understand the appeal of watching someone else play games for you while mouthing off stupid shit. Must be some real neanderthals wasting their time with this stuff.

vallor 08-08-2019 01:28 PM

It's the same for people watching regular sportsball except the player is the one providing the color commentary instead of some detached booth caster.

This isn't that big a stretch folks, sheesh. People like watching folks who are good at the game play and then hopefully see some behind the scenes tips and tricks.

The key though is Ninja, Dr. Disrespect, and others are always that great. They'll blame a lot of their failure on stream snipers and such. I remember many tournaments when you get those guys against non-noobs and they get knocked up way high up in the ranks despite their normal leaderboard rankings.

brandonjclark 08-08-2019 05:50 PM

Well, my 8 yo loves YT videos based around only a few people (like Pat and Jen, DanTDM, etc).

I can see him watching these streams when he gets older.

thatlukeguy 08-08-2019 06:47 PM

This is the same cultural gap that our parents had and didn't understand the appeal of video games vs just watching TV. It's just the "new" thing that is "bad". I don't enjoy it myself at all, but I understand that this is the cycle of life etc.

AlfredT 08-08-2019 07:22 PM

Meh. I find it hard to watch sports, playing them is fine. Same thing on this stuff. Also doesn't help he looks like the retarded lovechild of a treasure troll and my little pony.

Terran 08-09-2019 08:00 AM

Holy crap, he really does look like that. Accurate observation!

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