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Emabulator 01-08-2018 04:46 PM

Intel's Core i7 with Radeon RX Vega Graphics: Full Specs Revealed

The Digital Foundry has the story.


Intel has revealed full specifications and product details for its upcoming Core i7 G products shipping with Radeon RX Vega graphics - the fruits of an unprecedented collaboration between Chipzilla and its arch-rival, AMD. A total of five different SKUs are in the offing, with spec and power differentials that target a range of notebook segments and the desktop market. At the heart of each product is a quad-core Intel processor paired with RX Vega M graphics offering between 2.6 to 3.7 teraflops of peak GPU power, combined with 4GB of HBM2 memory.

While five different versions of the new product are arriving, they are all based on the same core silicon with CPU clock-speed tweaks and adjustments to the speed, compute unit complement and memory bandwidth of the Radeon GPU. 100W and 65W power envelopes are the main differentiating factors here, where we should expect the former to run on larger 17-inch notebooks and desktops, with the latter skewed towards smaller laptop designs. In the run-up to the official reveal, there has been speculation that Intel would offer socketed versions of these Core i7 G processors so users could build their own systems. However, everything revealed today uses a BGA set-up, meaning that the chips are soldered onto supplied mainboards in ready-made machines.

The CPU side of the equation features a four-core, eight-thread design, offering single-core speeds of up to 4.2GHz in the flagship Core i7 8809G. There are four i7s in the line-up and one i5, yet all retain hyper-threading, with the i5 cut back in terms of clocks and L3 cache only. Although dubbed as an eighth-gen Core product, DDR4 memory bandwidth on all processors is limited to 2400MHz - very similar to the seventh-gen Kaby Lake. Base and boost clocks have been revealed, but in line with recent Intel spec reveals, the all-important all-core turbo speed for each product remains unknown for now (and may explain the difference between the i7 8706G and the 8705G, which look identical otherwise).

Terran 01-08-2018 04:55 PM

Taking bets on how long until the unknown security flaw requiring a performance killing patch comes out, lol. :D

BeardedSonOfNel 01-09-2018 04:39 AM

I was just going to ask if these come with that neat security hole too.

brandonjclark 01-09-2018 08:48 AM


Originally Posted by BeardedSonOfNel (Post 2503375)
I was just going to ask if these come with that neat security hole too.

Of course! But they'll call it a "security accelerator".

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