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Evil Avatar 05-15-2020 07:05 AM

Ghost of Tsushima - State of Play


Tune in for an extended look at Ghost of Tsushima, coming to PS4 17th July.
Featuring around 18 minutes of new gameplay footage, including exploration, combat and more.

There won’t be any PS5 news or updates in this episode, just a big, beautiful look at Sucker Punch’s PS4 open-world epic.

brandonjclark 05-15-2020 09:19 AM

Looks kinda like a Dark Souls open-world game. Cool!

This is pretty much what Elden Ring is supposed to be, I think.

vallor 05-15-2020 11:27 AM

So we're finally getting the Samurai version of Assassin's Creed!

MADxMrMike 05-15-2020 11:59 AM

looks cool. hopefully there is a lot to find and explore.

Dag-Sabot 05-18-2020 09:57 PM

Looks like it will sekiro.

Scherge 05-19-2020 09:35 AM

Uuuh, this looks not as pretty as I hoped it would be. I'm not a fan of low-contrast, pastel-colored environments, but I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the ground textures in the camera pan at 1:10. Also, combat looks like "Batman: Arkham Asylum", but with constant slow motion. I did imagine the archer at around 9:10 yelling "Parry button! Now!", which made that scene infinitely better. :D

I haven't played much of "Nioh" (no time for hard games), but I believe I'd prefer it to this.

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