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Evil Avatar 11-27-2019 12:44 PM

Red Dead Online PC Care Package


After a series of updates to the game, the Rockstar Games Launcher and the latest NVIDIA drivers, we believe the vast majority of performance issues for Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC have now been resolved. That said, we will continue to work to tackle any lingering issues as we move forward and if you are still experiencing issues, please visit Rockstar Support for the latest information and to request assistance.

As we mentioned in our recent PC update post, everyone who plays Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC from launch and through to the holiday season will receive a complimentary care package for Red Dead Online to assist in their travels.

All Red Dead Online PC players will receive the finely detailed Prieto Poncho, available for free in the Camp Wardrobe or at any clothing store. Wheeler, Rawson & Co. will also supply a curated care package of items to help players survive out on the open range:
  • 100x Revolver Express Ammo
  • 100x Pistol Express Ammo
  • 100x Repeater Express Ammo
  • 100x Rifle Express Ammo
  • 100x Shotgun Slugs
  • 20x Shotgun Incendiary Buckshot Slugs
  • 20x Fire Arrows
  • 20x Poison Throwing Knives
  • 20x Volatile Fire Bottles
  • 10x Potent Miracle Tonic fully restores Health, Stamina and Dead Eye and Fortifies moderately
  • 3x Horse Reviver revives Horse from severe injury and moderately restores its Health
  • 10x Minty Big Game fully restores all Cores and yields a Gold Health Core
  • 20x Baked Beans moderately restores Health Core and Stamina Core
    If you have already played Red Dead Online and created your character, you should have received your care package (available to pick up at your Camp Lock Box or at any Post Office). If you have yet to play Red Dead Online, the package will be available for you within 24 hours of creating your character.
And when the next major update to Red Dead Online comes to PC, PS4 and Xbox One this December, PC players will also receive a variant of the brand-new Marino Bandolier, plus a new Off-Hand Holster and additional care package as a gift. Stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire for more details on that update and much more in the weeks to come.
Rockstar Games.

Evil Avatar 11-27-2019 01:30 PM

RDR2 is coming to Steam next week!

brandonjclark 11-27-2019 03:02 PM

But it's on sale on the Epic Games Store right now!

Evil Avatar 11-27-2019 03:12 PM


Originally Posted by brandonjclark (Post 2548741)
But it's on sale on the Epic Games Store right now!

My son bought it on the Epic Games store and he said their launcher caused all kinds of problems. He had to get a refund and buy it directly from Rockstar.

PacerDawn 11-27-2019 10:45 PM

I still need to finish the first one...

CthulhuFan 11-28-2019 01:55 AM

Uh ... can I play this with frens and ... is there a 45/70? I mean ... if there's a 45/70, I'm probably game as long as I can be an outlaw with friends ...

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