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randir14 05-21-2012 11:20 AM

Hackers Targeting Diablo III Players

Eurogamer is reporting that a number of people are already getting their Diablo III accounts hacked, including one of their own writers.


A quick glance online shows multiple reports of Diablo 3 accounts being hacked, suggesting it is a growing issue. Players have seen the loss of items stored in character inventory and stash, and gold removed as their accounts are stripped bare. Blizzard has been working to "roll back" affected characters to a point before accounts were compromised, but some progress is lost.

The reports coincided with the EU Diablo 3 servers going offline on Sunday afternoon for around four hours, preventing players from logging in (error 33). It has been suggested that the EU servers were taken offline following a SQL injection attack, but this remains unconfirmed.
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SaintBlitzkrieg 05-21-2012 11:41 AM

First the servers, now this. What screams stay the hell away from this game. Not like you can protect yourself by staying offline or anything.

Major Dan 05-21-2012 11:44 AM

What do they get right now? Can they steal your items and give them to their character(s)? Or do they just delete them? Can they get credit card numbers? I am not playing it so I am unsure what use an account would be for a hacker.

Maybe when the real money auction house goes live then they could get real money?

AspectVoid 05-21-2012 11:45 AM

I am so looking forward to the RMAH coming online, and someone getting their account hacked and their credit card maxed out. The shit storm from that is going to be amazing.

vallor 05-21-2012 11:47 AM

Fortunately I have an authenticator key from playing WoW. It's nearly a requirement these days. But they're using the same insecure (relatively) systems that the rest of battle.net is using... which means their are super vulnerable by default.

Seems like Blizz wants us to think of this as an MMO with the always on DRM bullshit but they're not willing to provide MMO level security or awareness. I didn't see a single "Buy an authenticator key to protect your account" ad or message anywhere. Millions of D3 players that never played WoW and aren't used to the sharks that prowl those waters are at risk.

EvilPanda 05-21-2012 11:48 AM

Use the battle.net authenticator and you'll be ok.

Rommel 05-21-2012 11:57 AM


SQL injection attack
IN 2012!? Isn't this security check number one?

Evil Avatar 05-21-2012 12:04 PM

That real money auction house is looking like a better and better idea, eh?

Primus 05-21-2012 12:05 PM


AspectVoid 05-21-2012 12:17 PM


Originally Posted by Primus (Post 2122346)

They're reporting that even accounts with authenticators have been hacked. Whether that's true or not, I can't say, but that is what the article says.

Peelzbury 05-21-2012 12:40 PM

so.. did any one actually hear about the real money store and think.. It was a Good idea?

the way ppl screw each other over for items in mmos already - I cant imagine what it would be like if actual money was at stake. Simply that would of kept me away from this title - to say nothing else of the always online bs - or the typical affect of your average Diablo Gamer.

Use to game at an internet cafe back in the day - it was like a microcosmic of what you see in terrible online communities everyday now - only it was par for the course back in 99'ish : scamming ppl for items, griefing, There were 3 factions in that cafe:

the Diablo Gamers(thieves and brigands all), the CS gamers(half of em wall hacking and proud of it) and the mmo players(no life4Life) - the latter, mostly just me and my friends. Lol we got both the other factions hooked on Daoc back then - and surprisingly, we had a lot of fun! - their cutthroat ways actually were just the ticket in RVR in that game.'


but yeah, wow was PLENTY blizzard mmo style for one lifetime - why anyone would jump back onto that wagon after you just got off... i think Annie Lennox covered that in a song.. way back when.

Samstag 05-21-2012 01:25 PM


Originally Posted by Peelzbury (Post 2122358)
so.. did any one actually hear about the real money store and think.. It was a Good idea?

Jeff Kotick, stockholders, and chinese gold farmers.

SPBTooL 05-21-2012 01:29 PM

Stay out of public games for now. According to the forums, this may be caused by an exploit that allows hackers to log in as you after you have joined a game with them.

SaintBlitzkrieg 05-21-2012 01:30 PM


Originally Posted by Samstag (Post 2122365)
Jeff Kotick, stockholders, and chinese gold farmers.

You forgot hackers. Once real money was involved, and they could make some. They found themselves a new career.

The constant being online/real money auction house is going to bring this game down if they dont fix it. But the thing about it, the minute they fix it, someone will have already broken it. Ask Sony about that, they know it the best.

RocketMagnet 05-21-2012 01:32 PM

I suppose this will force their hand and delay the RMAH.

Having spent some time with the game im bored already, I played enough Gauntlet way back when that this hasn't really held my interest very long. Good looking game with good production values tho but mind numbingly dull pretty quickly, sounds like im in a minority but i hate random dungeons, they always suck imo and this has reinforced my opinion on it. Good skill loadout depth to be fair but only fun for a bit.

So with that in mind I just dont understand why people would pay real money for essentially pointless "upgrades" to farm the same (rearranged) levels... unless pvp is good?

I presume some people just like the "thrill" of random loot but long term actual gameplay fun?

I think people are having false fantasies about making easy money in the RMAH.. get really lucky and get an awesome drop they can sell and make a profit. Not sure who would actually buy tho and what would be the point of buying equipment anyway.. yep only winner would be Blizz. Id be amazed if its popular but people buy virtual clothes for their vitrual dress up dolls (avatars) so......

Best game of its type and some people love to grind drops but imo even as a retro fan games have moved on?

Emabulator 05-21-2012 01:42 PM


Originally Posted by Evil Avatar (Post 2122345)
That real money auction house is looking like a better and better idea, eh?

Yeah, right up there with eating glass and using a match to check the level in a fuel tank.

MADxMrMike 05-21-2012 01:48 PM

damn this game cant catch a break...

Roc Ingersol 05-21-2012 01:55 PM


Originally Posted by Rommel (Post 2122344)
IN 2012!? Isn't this security check number one?

In shops that do security checks, yes.

Emabulator 05-21-2012 02:02 PM

If you're going come off as arrogant and greedy at least make sure your game isn't broken.

everar 05-21-2012 02:11 PM

Authenticator has nothing to do with this and will not help. It's a server exploit when you join public games with people you don't know, or vice versa, so close up them knickers and unmentionables until the exploit is fixed. Become a solo artist and/or play with your friends only.

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