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  • Max was likely a bit tipsy when he slipped about Torchlight II at GDC earlier this year. (2:20)
  • Runic is still "relatively" Independent, and Perfect World is the "Investor." (2:49)
  • Currently at 32 people on staff and no plans to get much bigger. (3:25)
  • Roughly 4 Digital Downloads for every 1 boxed copy of Torchlight sold. (4:25, beginning of Runic Team Growth Talk)
  • They want console releases, but haven't managed it so far. (6:00)
  • Never really considered Torchlight II as an expansion pack. (7:00)
  • MMO pushed to the back-burner for now. (8:04, beginning of MMO talk)
  • More classes, non-linear advancement and outside worlds. (8:45)
  • Mac version sooner after the PC release than the last game. (9:39)
  • Likely to have Steam availability on day 1. (9:12)
  • No modding tools for Mac again, because they are programmed in C#. (10:04)
  • A writer has been hired and there will be actual narrative. (11:05)
  • You will not be starting in the town of Torchlight.
  • Lots of regions and cultures in Torchlight II.
  • In a lot of ways the changes from Diablo 1 to Diablo 2 are comparable to Torchlight 1 and Torchlight 2. (12:20)
  • No plans on any kind of import from the old game to the new one. Much of the game has been revamped or improved, which makes it difficult to try to import anything. (13:00)
  • Itemization system is being changed and will match the new classes. (Starts at 12:47)
  • The Railman class is "an engineer turned into a melee tank." They are charged with developing transportation and pushing it into the wilderness. (15:40)
  • The Outlander is a hybrid of ranged with "superstitious magic." Survivalist vibe. (16:25)
  • Torchlight has its own style of steampunk that they have been working with for the art style. (17:22)
  • The UI has been totally overhauled. (18:30)
  • Identification system will be changed, if not completely removed. "Less onerous." (18:47)
  • Chatting in multiplayer. (19:09)
  • Trying out a bag-based system for the inventory. (19:16)
  • New pets, but Dogs and Cats of some sort will be included. (19:55)
  • More monsters scaling this time, not as much as oblivion but better than the main dungeon in the original game. (20:20)
  • A lot more balance between classes this time, especially for skills. (21:15)
  • Endless dungeons and retirement will return "in some way, shape or form." (22:09)
  • PvP might appear in the game, but it won't be possible to do it cheat-free. (23:30)
  • They want to make it possible for people to play with mods with other people. (25:20)
  • There will be a friends list. (26:20)
  • Inline character saves so that people can play on the go from anywhere. (26:40)
  • Monster scaled via proximity. "If you are in Act 3 and I'm in act 1..." then the Act 1 monsters won't get harder. (27:50)
  • The loot you see drop will belong only to you, and item trading will be available. Trading interface included, but you can throw things on the ground for anyone to pick up if you want. (28:15)
  • Co-op is a minimum of four players, and a possible maximum of eight. Summons are a major factor in these numbers. Not finalized. (28:52)
  • Video at Gamescom! (29:50)
  • The game will be playable in Pre-Alpha form at Gamescom later this month. (30:4
  • Alpha (or Beta?) testing MAY be early next year, and they want to involve the community but don't know how they want to do that yet. (31:10)
  • You can see what mods someone has if they join your game, and they will need to be the same to join.
  • Skill system has changed.
  • The world will be divided into zones with sub-areas, and random outdoors. (35:44)
  • Three major distinct outdoor types - Grassy mountain Steppes, Desert and Dark, Spooky Battlefield Forest (Swamp?) (36:19)
  • Random events like caravans being attacked. (38:14)
  • 200+ Unique weapon models. (38:25, 39:10 Key points)
  • New weapon types, including Cannons and Fist weapons. (39:20)
  • Weapon specific walking and attack animations. (39:45)
  • Fishing may be revised, but it will return. (40:50)
  • No mounts. (43:30)
  • Price point close to the last game. (44:30)
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