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Should I stick with the pad or get an arcade stick?

GREAT QUESTION and one that should be addressed as early as possible. Here’s the deal: we all learn differently and work with different items in our own unique manner, so what works for Person A won’t work for Person B. If you have no experience playing SSFIV, or any other 2D fighter, I recommend initially jumping in with the normal gamepad of the system you are using (360 or PS3). While there is no problem with sticking to the default controls of a system you have to understand that execution is really strict on fighting games, and an analog stick (like the PS3 or 360 one) is not precise. I also shouldn’t have to mention how poor the 360 D-Pad is either. So if you decide after your initial outing that you do want to play this game I suggest making another investment by either picking up a Fight Pad or picking up an Arcade Stick.

Fight Pad

Arcade Stick

Before you panic over the thought of a Fight Pad vs an Arcade stick, realize that this is called an investment for a reason. Once you've purchased the Arcade Stick you will be using this on any fighting games you buy here after. Fighting games like Street Fighter have tremendous depth that is easy to learn but a lifetime to master. Imagine the first time you played chess. Chess’ rules are easy enough, but getting the strategies down takes a lifetime. Then, imagine playing chess with a cast on both of your arms. That would be playing with the 360 controller or playing with the analog stick on the PS3.

Personal preference would dictate whether to go for a Fight Pad or an Arcade Stick. I suggest that if you have never played a fighting game to go ahead and bite the bullet and get an Arcade Stick, if you learn on the source material, you are building a strong foundation. Also you won’t have to worry about some sort of custom button configuration, you’ll always have your punches on top and kicks on bottom(this applies to Fight Pads too).

Simply put, most fighting game fans over the years have found Arcade Sticks to be the superior control method. The stick itself is generally considered to be more precise and fluid than any d-pad. Having access to six (or eight) buttons on the control panel (no shoulder buttons for awkward timing) is also extremely useful for many advanced techniques in many games, especially Street Fighter.

That being said, when most players first switch to a stick from a pad, they find their execution suffers in the short-term (I can't do fireballs, or I can't do that move from the right side). This is totally and completely normal! It takes most people a few weeks of practice to get used to playing on a stick.

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