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The Basics

What do all the icons on the UI mean?

What is my Super Bar?

The blue horizontal meter on each side of the bottom of the screen is your Super Meter. This meter increases whenever the character performs a Special Move, hits with or is hit by a Normal Attack, or has the opponent block or blocks an opponent's attack. The amount the meter increases is determined by the move and whether it misses (Specials only), hits, or is blocked. When a move hits or is blocked, the character that performed the move gains more meter then the character that was hit or blocked. This meter can be spent on EX Specials, Focus Cancels, and Super Moves.

What is a Super Move?

After you've filled all four EX bars in your Super Meter you can perform a Super Move. A Super Move is a powerful attack that costs 100% of the Super Meter to perform.

What are EX Specials?

Completing a Special Move motion by pressing two punch or kick buttons instead of one changes the properties of the move. Some moves gain armor, some moves hit more times, some moves have less recovery time, etc.. This uses up one bar (25%) of your super meter. All special moves that do not require a 3 button input, have an ex version. (EX Focus/Focus Cancels, EX Tanden Drive and a few other EX moves in the game require two EX stocks).

What is my Ultra Meter? What does that do?

The Ultra Meter is the circular meter on the outside of each Super Meter. This meter increases whenever the character takes damage or absorbs an attack. The amount the meter increases is determined by the amount of damage taken or absorbed in a 1:1 ratio. Therefore, if the character has taken or absorbed a combined 50% damage, the Ultra Meter will be 50% full. When the meter is at least 50% full, the character can perform their Ultra Attack and then the meter is depleted. The Ultra Attack does more damage the fuller the Ultra Meter is when it is performed.

An Ultra Attack is a powerful attack that can only be performed when the Ultra Meter is at least 50% full.

Okay, I’ve learned a few things...but how do I apply them?

Once again I'm going to link you back to iPlay Winners guide: PICK A CHARACTER AND PRACTICE! We have a rather large community of dedicated SSFIV players, feel free to grab one of them and ASK QUESTIONS!!! There are NO stupid questions.

I think I’ve got the character down but when I go to look up combos I see stuff like s.HP xx L.Tatsu H.DP, Footsies, Zoning, etc.....what does it all mean?

Glossary of Street Fighter Terms

You might hear things and wonder what the person is talking about terms like "footsies" and "zoning" might be foreign terms to you, and if so, you are not alone! This is one of the reasons you are here though, I wouldn't say to try to digest this glossary all at once, but when you come across something you don't know take a look here so you don't get lost. Eventually you'll be using the jargon like a pro.

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