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It begins:

There's a huge draw for hi-tech jobs in silicon valley, yet the US (foolishly) turns away thousands of people we've educated in American universities in an attempt to be fair, people who want to stay, are productive and working.

So, to get around the restrictions, a company called Blueseed is planning offshore living dorms for $1200 - $3000 a month, less than what it would cost to rent an apartment in SanFran.

The H1-B Visa restrictions don't allow them to stay overnight in the US, but do allow them to work here. So, they'd ferry or fly by helicopter in each day and back, about 90 minutes by boat--12 miles off shore.

They plan to setup about 600 of these vessels mostly around SanFran.


Bureaucracy? Ha. Work Visas? Ha. A seasteader craves not these things. The Blueseed Project is one of the more exciting, and by some estimates outrageous, solutions to the bureaucratic hurdles that face many new startups in Silicon Valley. Securing work visas for the thousands of foreign born engineers and innovators that the Valley desperately needs is hard and tedious work. Many fledgling companies simply can’t afford the effort. So what if all that red tape could be avoided? What if there was a startup incubator outside US jurisdiction…on the ocean?

Blueseed aims to develop an offshore site 12 miles from the coast of San Francisco where 1000 startup employees could live and work without having to immigrate to the United States.

The idea already has the approval and funding of PayPal founder Peter Thiel, and a seemingly endless supply of public interest. Much of it hyperbolic. Yet this $10 – 30 million project hoping to begin work in Q3 of 2013 isn’t going to be a “slave ship” or a “libertarian utopia”. It’s just another innovative business solution to an existing problem. One that could help maintain Silicon Valley’s global dominance in entrepreneurship, and maybe even set a new tone for how businesses deal with government regulations that hamper their growth...
Maybe I'll go work for this company
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