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METAL JESUS ROCKS!: Reading Bawdy Language

If, as a young PC gamer, you ever innocently asked your parents who Seargent Pepper was, then odds are that this week's episode of METAL JESUS ROCKS! will kindle some fond childhood memories of confusing innuendo and heavily pixellated boobs. You see kids, before the Internet came along and made exposed cleavage a ubiquitous commodity, curious young boys seeking nipular titillation had limited options. Generally, you either rummaged along the side of the road looking for discarded nudie mags, or you played Leisure Suit Larry games.

Given his Sierra pedigree, it was only a matter of time before the Metal Jesus got around to sharing his thoughts on Al Lowe's infamous softcore adventure series. But rather than starting at the top, MJ jumps straight to lucky 7 and gives his review of the final LSL game proper: Love for Sail.

Speaking of love, here's some interesting trivia: did you know that the Mrs. Metal Jesus worked alongside her future husband while employed at Sierra as (among other roles) a beta tester for Leisure Suit Larry 7? It's true! So it's only fitting that she provide her feminine insights into a series many might wrongly presume to have held only male appeal.

It's a marital metal tag-team review of the final voyage for PC gaming's most lovable loser. So make sure your parents have gone to bed, then put up your slightly-NSFW privacy screen and check out this week's video below:

A wife who not only helps make your video reviews, but also enjoys playing mildly-pornographic retro adventure games with you? Seriously, dude. Seriously.
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