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Originally Posted by ElfShotTheFood View Post
Now they have more time to make the girl look younger and her tits even bigger.
My first crush/friend I experimented with was only 13 when she grew to a C cup. (this was way before I became who I am today) Last time we spoke she was 38FF, 5'4 and was about 119 pounds. (age 17) What is it with some people hating on busty chicks for no reason? They are everywhere people and it is AWESOME. Also bustiers; do you know how they work?
Originally Posted by Chief Smash View Post
It's certainly not placing your manhood where another man expels his feces.
Originally Posted by Suicidal ShiZuru View Post
This is Evil Avatar, a video game forum, you dumb cunt. You're a pussy and everything you just said was bullshit.
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