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Originally Posted by brandonjclark View Post
So it's a great game, then?
Yes. It plays a lot like a rogue-like, or Diablo 1, and it DEFINITELY true survival horror. The Gamestop low review is from some fool who specializes in fighting game reviews, who I think was expecting something like Left 4 Dead. It's nothing like Left 4 Dead.

It features sort of a Dark Souls multiplayer message leaving system and a rogue-like or Diablo 1 death system where you respawn as a new character and have to kill off the infected version of yourself in spot where the last char died in order to retrieve "your" old gear. It also has an iron man die once its over mode you can play along side the normal mode.

The graphics are good, equivalent to the original Condemned, I would say. But this is a launch title, so it can only get better.

Local multiplayer is handled very well and is unique. No online multiplayer though.

Since there are no achievements or trophies, they have to work extra hard to make the game rewarding, and it shows.
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