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The above list dosnt mention the one thing that means this game will never be on my computer... Origin
Hmm means I have to violate one of my rules. Either the "buy anything crytek" rule or the "never buy from origin" rule.

I actually finished it recently, a good game , I was positively surprised and had lots of fun (took me 2-3 hours to get into it though)
In some ways it's better than C1 and Warhead. I liked the Island location better than New York but, the plot in C2 was better as were the aliens. No lame assed zero G sections for instance. All of the Crysis games have been flawed masterpieces with C2 being the closest to perfection.

I want to play Crysis 2 again but, I've run out of licenses. Looks like I need to find another copy some other way.
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